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It is too cumbersome to set the superscript or subscript of the text through the options in the menu bar, which is more difficult to use when you need a lot of repetitive operations. You can look at the following five quick and easy ways ...
When editing text in Word, especially when you are editing a math or chemistry exercise or test paper, you need to set superscript or subscript for certain characters, such as the molecular formula of water.
The common methods are: first select the characters, then open the Format menu, select the Font tab in the Font command, select Superscript (P) or subscript (B) in the Effect column of the dialog box, and then click OK.
But this kind of operation procedure is many, if edit time involves multiple input superscript or subscript, each time this edits is too troublesome, the following these methods can greatly improve the input efficiency.
First, use shortcut keys
It is convenient and quick to use shortcut keys to enter word.
1. Add the mark: Use ctrl+shift+= key combination, click once to enter the superscript input state, and then press once to return to normal state.
2. Subscript: Use CTRL + = key combination, the same press once can enter the subscript input state, again press can return to normal state.
If you first select the text and then press the two shortcuts, you will have a direct effect on the selected text.
Note: Under the Intelligent ABC Input method, this shortcut key function is invalid.
Second, the use of clipboard
First use the above method to place the superscript or subscript set up, and then copy it, wait for the time to paste, and then modify the value can be.
Create superscript and Subscript buttons on the toolbar
Click the "Customize" command on the "Tools" menu, and in the dialog box that pops up, select the Commands tab, select the format item in the category item on the left, and then drag the slider in the command item on the right, locate the superscript command, and then press the left mouse button to see superscript turned into a button shape. and a "X" appears next to the mouse pointer, drag the mouse to a common toolbar, you can see the toolbar appears on a "I"-like flag, release the mouse, "I" will appear a "x2" button, this is the superscript button, the same method to make a subscript button. When used, press the appropriate button to enter the superscript.
Iv. take advantage of the search and replace function
When entering the superscript, add a symbol that is not commonly used before the number, such as "*", after the full text, replace all the "*3" with the subscript "3" with the "replace" command, and complete it soon.
V. Take advantage of the "AutoCorrect" feature
AutoCorrect is an important feature of word that automatically corrects common input errors, spelling errors, and grammatical errors. As long as we preset input errors and correct results after correction, when we enter an error, the system can automatically turn them into the correct and appear on the screen.
Take H2O as an example, default method: Write H2O correctly, select it. Then, open the Tools menu, select the AutoCorrect command, select Formatted text in the AutoCorrect dialog box that appears, type the H2O in the space in the Replace item, and then click Add, OK, and then complete the preset. "." In the future, if the general text input H2O, the screen will automatically appear set the subscript H2O.
Learn the above methods, I believe that you edit these with superscript, subscript the characters, the speed will multiply!

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