Five failures in daily health care

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You cannot drink water until you are thirsty. Water is the most important thing to maintain the normal operation of human life and prevent diseases and fitness. Insufficient water intake, not only refined
Depression, dry mouth, weak body, and liver and kidney function decline, toxic material savings, disease will be passed in. Thirsty, body prompt
Water shortage is already serious.

You cannot perform health check only when you are ill. It is one of the important preventive health measures for middle-aged and elderly people to perform a comprehensive health check at the hospital on a regular basis every year. No
Less susceptible to pain, such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and other early stages of the examination can be early detection, and
Treatment, the effect is good.

You cannot wait for a rush to go to the bathroom again. Defecation is an important way for the human body to excrete waste and purify the body environment. Constipation is harmful because of dung
The toxin in stool remains in the intestinal tract for a long time, which is easy to re-absorb and enter the body to produce poison. Make it a good habit to regularly go to the toilet every day, even if
You can also squat to form conditioned reflection. As for urination, it is best to arrange it once every hour to reduce harmful substances in urine on the bladder.
To prevent the occurrence of bladder cancer.

You cannot wait until you get sleepy. Many people do not need to go to bed, so what to say is a signal to go to bed. As a matter of fact, sleepy brain is quite fatigued.
Performance, should not wait until now to go to bed. A good habit of sleeping on time can not only protect the brain, but also easily fall asleep.
Sleep Quality to reduce insomnia.

You cannot wait until you are hungry. Some people do not eat on time, but are not hungry. This method is easy to damage the stomach, but it will also cut
Weak human disease resistance. Because the food stays in the stomach for only four to five hours, when people feel hunger, the stomach has been emptied, the gastric will then
Liquid "self-digestion", easy to cause gastritis and ulcer. (China Youth Daily)

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