Five HTML errors that are more common during web site production

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A large table nested tables constantly, which makes it slow to open the page (although the current IE improved the problem, but it is not recommended), on the other hand, maintenance, modification is extremely inconvenient

1.Align Center (Auto Center) abuse

The odds of making a mistake: very big.

Universality: Very wide

The possibility of making mistakes: being convenient/thought to be useful

Work, modify, maintain other people's web page is commonplace, found that many people have a bad habit:

In the form of text or pictures, do you make it centered, left or right?

〈div align= "center" > Hello!! 〈/div>
〈div align= "center" >〈img src= "/xx.gif" >〈/div>

When there are many forms, a lot of text, content is very fine, love with this method (it in the DW of the shortcut key is CTRL+ALT+C,FP do not know what) people tend to be crazy, miserable, I encountered such a Web page on a headache, why to use so many 〈div> to center it? Tell me Why? Does the table not have a center attribute? Why do you want to add this junk code? Special modification of the time also can not delete text or pictures can automatically clear

Recommended to use 〈TD align= "center" > To center, when the need for multiple positioning, only to consider the 〈div align= "center", because this code is not good to deal with, so you can replace the table with a table.
2. Web page background color settings

The odds of making a mistake: big

Universality: Broader

The possibility of making mistakes: lazy/Don't know

About 2 years ago I found out that there was no background color on the 21CN, and I informed them by email, and since then I have never committed this problem.

3. Improper nesting of tables

The odds of making a mistake: general

Universality: Universal

The possibility of making mistakes: not knowing this

In fact, this is a street know how to smell the problem, but still someone committed, incorrect nested forms, may make you be the boss called to the office scolding a meal, will make you think the normal Web page with ADSL open 2, 3 minutes can not open. The first question is to keep nesting tables in a large table, this will make it slow to open the page (although the current IE improve the problem, but it is not recommended), on the other hand, maintenance, modification is extremely inconvenient, in general, simple to apply is no problem, or even 3, 4 layers, But don't put everything in one form. The second problem is to put all the content in a large table, which includes a free counter code, hehe, guess what might happen? In fact, it is not a big deal, the most serious is your IE like the crash, nothing shows. The solution is to put the counter in a single table, not with the other content in the same table.


4. Reuse code that implements the same function, or assorted code

The odds of making a mistake: very common

Universality: Very common

The possibility of making mistakes: complex and diverse

Let's take a look at the following code:

〈center>〈p>〈font >〈font >〈font color= "#CCCCCC" >〈font color= "#FFA76C" style= "FONT-SIZE:14PX; Font-family: Official script "> title 〈/font>〈/font>〈/font>

〈/center> How do you think that code looks like? 〈/font>〈/p>

I don't know how the reader feels, and the first thing I see in this code is that I'm numb for 10 seconds, and this 10-second goal is to find a word that can express my thoughts and feelings. You want to ask me? sorry~~, I generally do not, because I do a Web page at least half the time in the browsing code, the code more than the wrong things I can see at a glance. )。

Look at the code above, use 2 class,4 font to define 2 text, in fact, such problems are often generated in the continuous changes, the code is not familiar, or lazy to see the code, or do not like to see the code of people who are particularly serious problems, of course, when the fact that others browse this page, There is no problem, but the maintenance of the people on the ...

These extra garbage code can be omitted completely, in fact, the above example is not serious enough, I have seen more terrible.

Another problem to be mentioned is 〈p>...〈/p> and 〈center>...〈/center> Why use them? Tell me why~~, some of them are like this:

〈td>〈div align= "center" >
〈p align= "center" >〈/p>
〈p align= "center" >〈font >〈font >〈font color= "#CCCCCC >〈font color=" #FFA76C "style=" FONT-SIZE:14PX; Font-family: Official script "> title 〈/font>〈/font>〈/font>
〈/center>〈/td> How do you think that code looks like? 〈/font>〈/p>〈/center>〈/div>〈/td>

See such a code I will be very helpless (more helpless is I often see, and must see), I would like to simplify:

〈TD align= "center" >
〈font color= "#FFA76C" style= "font-size:14px;font-family: Official Script" > title 〈/font>

What do you think this code looks like? 〈/td>

Does it seem that the world is quiet a lot? "title" After the completion of the text can be defined in the 〈td> class, even if not CSS, and then use a 〈.font> also no problem, as very refreshing.

5. When writing code indentation, instead of using the TAB key, use a space

The odds of making a mistake: general

Universality: Less

The possibility of making mistakes: I don't know the tab is better

This problem for JS, vbs, ASP, PHP and so on, HTML can not use the tab will write a little program to know what is called indentation, how to indent? Someone uses a space, someone uses the tab, if you are using a space, then from now on, switch to the tab bar.

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