Five philosophical stories that affect your life)

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(1) [Love and wisdom]

Are you willing to stop and find a solution for someone who needs help? Perhaps inadvertently, not only others, but also you --

One night, it was very late. An old couple walked into a hotel and they wanted a room. The front-end waiter replied, "Sorry, our hotel is full and there is no room left ." Looking at the tired look of the old man, the waiter said, "But let me find a solution ......"

As described here, do you want to see the continuation of mathematics or the ending of literature? But in any case, both mathematics and literature will be broken up here.

The story of mathematics is like this: This kind of good-hearted waiter started to solve the room problem for the Old Man: He woke up the sleeping tenants in the hotel and asked them to change places: change the number of guests in Room 1 to Room 2, and the number of guests in Room 2 to Room 3 ...... And so on until every tenant moves from their room to the next room. At this time, the miracle appeared: Room 1 was empty. The waiter happily arranged the elderly couple. No rooms were added and no guests were reduced. When the two old people arrived, all the rooms were full of guests-but they only moved each guest to the next room, as a result, the first room is empty. Why? Originally, the two old people entered the famous Hilbert Hotel in mathematics, which is considered to be a hotel with numerous rooms.

The story of Literature goes on like this: the kind of waiter leads the old man to a room and says, "maybe it is not the best, but now I can only do this ." The old man saw a clean and tidy room and lived happily. The next day, when they came to the front-end to settle the bill, the waiter said to them, "No, because I just lent your house to you for a night-Have a pleasant trip !" It turns out that. The waiter did not go to bed for a night, so he went to the front desk for a night shift. The two old people were very touched. The old man said, "Child, you are the best hotel operator I have ever seen. You will get a return ." The waiter smiled and said, this is nothing. He gave the old man out of the door, turned and went on to do his work, and forgot about it. Unexpectedly one day, the waiter received a letter containing a one-way ticket to New York with a brief postscript asking him to do another job. He arrived in New York by plane and came to a place as indicated in the letter. He looked up and saw a magnificent hotel standing in front of him. It turned out that late at night a few months ago, he received a billionaire and his wife. The rich man bought a hotel for the waiter and was confident that he would manage the hotel.

Do you know?

The story of mathematics was told by David Hilbert, a great mathematician. He introduced the concept of "infinity" in mathematics. this concept is very important for this subject. It can be said that without it, it would be hard for us to imagine how mathematics will exist. As long as the number of people knows, each number has a successor until infinity (so in the hotel in Hilbert, there will be an endless room behind every house )...... Mathematics is a science about infinity.

The story of literature tells the legend of Hilton's first manager. Hilton Hotel, known as the "hotel empire", currently has more than two hundred high-rise buildings, including the Waldorf in New York City, the Astoria Hotel, the palmer hotel in Chicago, and the "font White Dew" in Florida ", the Hilton hotel in Las Vegas, the de France Grand Hotel, the Hilton Hotel in Hong Kong, the Hilton Hotel in Shanghai ...... Has become the world's financial and trade giants, and even the heads of state to patronize.


The story begins with the intelligent mind of a compassionate and caring WAITER: "Let me think of a solution ......" If we want to enter the field of mathematics, we need strict logic, reasonable inferences, and accurate proof. If we want to come to the world of literature, we need to rely on beautiful human nature, A touching plot and an unexpected and successful ending. But we can be surprised to find that both literature and mathematics have a magical ending-Love and wisdom can have a miracle.

(2) [demons and fishermen]

When everyone grows up, they will inevitably encounter difficulties or even risks. At this time, do you choose to lament your own poor luck, or do you face it with wisdom and courage --

There is a bottle in the bottom of the sea, and there is a giant in the bottle. That was five hundred years ago when a fairy sent the magic to the bottle. The magicians once made a wish. Whoever can get the bottle up, open the bottle plug, and save it, he will give it a Golden Hill. However, after five hundred years, no one has fished the bottle. The Giants are very angry. He cursed and said, "in the future, if anyone saves me, I will swallow it ."

There was a young fisherman fishing through the net. When he collected the net, he found an old bottle in the net. He opened the bottle, ah! A thick smog sprayed out, and finally spit out a giant demon bigger than the mountains. "Hahahaha !" The laughter of the demons stirred up. He said, "Young man, you have saved me. I should have thanked you. However, you have done too late. If you have rescued me one year earlier, you can get a golden hill! Alas, I have been waiting for five hundred years. I am too impatient. I have made a vow to eat the person who has saved me !" The young man was surprised, but immediately calmly said, "Hey, how can I hold you with such a small bottle? You must lie. You can go back to the bottle and show it to me !"

"Haha, I won't be fooled! I told this old story early in the evening. If I drill into the bottle again and you put the plug in, isn't the story finished ?"

"What? Have you read "Tian Fang tan? You are really a scholar! Have you read the philosophical works of Socrates ?"

"Haha! In the past five hundred years, I have been hiding in the bottle, reading classic books from all over the world and practicing hard, I have read the University, the moderate, the Analects of Confucius, and Mencius of the East."

"Ah, do you have a lot of research on the historical records of China's taishi Gong? Is Mozi's work involved ?"

"Don't talk about it. The history subset cannot be connected !"

"However, I think you have never seen a transcript of" Dream of Red Mansions ". This is a rare version !"

"HAHAHA, you little boy is too jealous of me. I am the collector of this book! Let me open your eyes !" The giant immediately turned into a thick smoke and slowly entered the bottle.

At this time, the young fisherman no longer hesitated, and quickly blocked the bottle with a bottle plug.

Do you know?

The legend of the fairy tale of ancient Arabia is also called "One Thousand and One Nights. The source of the story set is as follows: in ancient times, there was a sassan Kingdom named sannuya. King shannuya will marry a woman every day and spend the night in the palace. But when the rooster sang the next day, he will kill the woman cruelly. Year after year, it lasted three years and killed more than one thousand women. The Prime Minister presented his daughter sanruzhuo to the king. Sanruzhuo tells a story every day. Her story is endless. She has always told One Thousand and One Nights and told One Thousand and One stories. She finally touched the king. While "university", "moderate", "The Analects of Confucius" and "Mencius" are the treasures of ancient China. They are collectively referred to as "four books" and are highly praised by Zhu Xi, The thinker of the Southern Song Dynasty, it is regarded as the four classic classics of Confucianism.


The difficulties or dangers we encounter in our lives are sometimes like these giants, which often make people feel insurmountable and insurmountable. However, the Giants also have a fatal weakness. This weakness is our breakthrough. The young fisherman made calm in front of the giants and found a way for himself with wisdom and courage. After the death of the Earth and then born, the magic of a high foot, the evil eventually cannot win.

(3) [talent Dream]

Have you ever dreamed of it? Have you ever had a strange and puzzling dream? Do you have a dream to communicate with others or secretly speculate on the meaning of the dream? If so, from what perspective do you understand your dream --

A talent first took the test in Beijing for the third time and lived in a store that had lived in. Two days before the test, he had three dreams. The first dream was to plant cabbage on the wall. The second dream was that he wore a fight and an umbrella when it rained. The third dream was, I dreamed that I was lying with my beloved cousin naked, but with my back.

These three dreams seem to have a deep understanding. The next day, the talent quickly went to the fortune teller solution. As soon as the fortune teller heard it, he frowned and repeatedly slapped his thigh and said, "You should go home. Do you think it's hard to plant vegetables on the high walls? Isn't that an option? I was lying in bed with my cousin, but back to back, isn't it boring ?"

When I heard this, I was disheartened. I thought about my previous two rankings. The more I thought, the more I thought that the fortune teller was justified. As a result, he walked back to the customer shop with frustration and packed his bags and prepared to go home. The store manager was very strange and asked, "didn't you take the test tomorrow? Why did you go home today ?" I told my dream and fortune teller's explanation to the store manager so much. I didn't expect the manager to be happy after hearing it: "Yo, I will also dream about it. I think you must stay here this time. Do you think it's not high to plant cabbage on the wall? Does it mean that you are not prepared for the attack this time? I am lying in bed with your cousin, but it doesn't mean you're about to arrive when you turn over ?" When I heard the show, I thought it was more reasonable. So I went to take the test and watched it on the day of the unveiling.

Do you know?

Exploring flowers is the title of the ancient Chinese imperial examination system. The ancient Chinese imperial examination system was developed in the Sui Dynasty and completed in the Tang Dynasty. in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the imperial examination system was quite complete. The Imperial Examination is divided into four levels: the first level is the scientific examination, the Qing Dynasty said that the test children are children, and the first is the talent; the second level is the township examination, the provincial examination, and the first person is the reporter, the first class is called "jieyuan". The third class is the trial. The first class is called gongshi, and the first class is called "Huiyuan". The fourth class is the lecture, hosted by tianzi. In the early Qing Dynasty, Beijing Tiananmen District, Beijing, China. The first name in the scholar is "champion", the second name is "eye-catching", and the third name is "Flower exploration ". So the talent in the story is actually named third!


Just like a coin has both sides. Everything has its two sides. The key lies in what angle and attitude we look at it. Active people, like the sun, may find hope even in dark places where they shine. Negative people, like the moon, are not the same in the first 15 days, so they cannot stick to what they do, I also like to make excuses for my own shakes. Our thoughts and attitudes determine our lives, our thoughts and attitudes, and our future.

(4) [Butterfly Effect of life]

A beautiful butterfly fan a few wings in Brazil, South America. It could have caused a catastrophic tornado in the United States in North America. Believe it or not, a trivial little action may change a person's life --

S. Ford has won the world's leading position in the U.S. automobile industry and has changed the national economy of the entire United States, who can think of the simple action that Ford, the creator of the miracle, entered the company's "knock on the door" instead of "Waste Paper?

At that time, Ford just graduated from college. He applied for a job in a car company. Several people who applied for the job had higher education than him, and Ford felt hopeless. When he knocked at the door and walked into the Chairman's office, he found a piece of paper on the ground at the door. He naturally bent over and picked it up and looked at it. It turned out to be a piece of waste paper, just threw it into the garbage basket. The Chairman of the Board is aware of all this. Ford just said: "I am here to apply for Ford ." The chairman sent an invitation: "Good, good. You have been hired by us, Mr. Ford ." The decision that surprised Ford actually stems from his casual action. From then on, Ford began his brilliant journey until he renamed the company and made Ford famous all over the world.

Coincidentally, a salesman of Ping An Insurance Company has similar surprises as Ford. He visited the general manager of a company many times, but the reason why he was able to sign the ticket was that he picked up a piece of waste paper on the ground and threw it into the garbage bin on his way to the general manager's office. The general manager said to him: "I observed the morning (through the window glass) to see which employee will pick up the waste paper. I didn't think it was you ." Before seeing the general manager this time, he was "aired" for more than three hours, and many of his peers were competing for this major account.

Do you know?

The butterfly effect was proposed by the meteorological scientist Lorenz in 1963. A butterfly in the tropical rain forest of the Amazon River Basin in South America, occasionally fan a few wings, may cause a tornado in Texas two weeks later. The reason is that the movement of the butterfly wings leads to changes in the air system around you and the generation of weak air streams, however, the generation of a weak air flow may change the air around it or other systems, resulting in a chain reaction, which eventually leads to great changes in other systems.

This shows that the abnormal results of things are extremely sensitive to the initial conditions. The very small deviation of the initial conditions will cause a great difference in the results. The "Butterfly Effect" is used in the social field to explain that a bad and tiny mechanism will bring great harm to society if it is not promptly guided and adjusted, it is called a "tornado" or a "Storm". A good and tiny mechanism, as long as it is properly guided, will produce a sensation after a period of effort, or a "revolution ".


The salesman of Ford and Ping An company looks very accidental, but in fact it is inevitable. Their subconscious actions are the embodiment of their habits, but this habit comes from their positive attitude, this is as the psychologist William James said: "When you play an action, you will get a habit. When you play a habit, you will get a character. When you play a character, you will reap a fate." In a person's life, a bold attempt, a brilliant smile, a habitual action, a positive attitude and sincere service, can produce unexpected brilliant or successful life, it can bring far more than a little joy and superficial compensation.

(5) [power of habit]

Everyone may have some bad habits. Maybe this kind of hobby is insignificant and may have become part of your life. Have you ever experienced the power of this hobby? Have you ever thought about how to overcome it and change your life --

Paul Gaidi, an American oil tycoon in Texas, used to be a big smoke.

On one occasion, he drove past France on vacation and experienced heavy rain. After several hours of driving, he spent the night at a hotel in a small town. After dinner, he soon fell asleep.

At two o'clock in the morning, GTI woke up. He made another cigarette addiction and wanted to smoke a cigarette. Turning on the light, he naturally reached out and grabbed the smoke box on the table before going to bed, but it was empty. He got out of bed, searched for his clothes and pockets, and did not get anything. He searched for his luggage again, hoping to find a pack of cigarettes that he accidentally left, and he was disappointed again. At this time, the hotel's restaurants and bars were closed early. The only way he could get cigarettes was to put on his clothes, go out, and buy them at the train station a few streets away.

The less smoke you have, the more desire you want to smoke. Most people who are addicted to smoking have this experience. GTI took off his nightgown and dressed out. When he reached out to get his raincoat, he suddenly stopped. He asked himself: What am I doing?

GTI stood there and thought, a so-called intellectual, a very successful businessman, a man who thought he was rational enough to give command to others, would leave the hotel in the middle of the night, walking through several streets in heavy rain, just to get a cigarette. What kind of habit is this? How powerful is this habit?

After a while, GTI made up his mind to throw the empty cigarette box into a basket, put off his clothes and put on his pajamas, and return to the bed, with a feeling of relief or even victory, in just a few minutes, I fell asleep.

Since then, Paul Gaidi has never smoked cigarettes. Later, his career grew bigger and bigger, and he became one of the top richest people in the world.

Do you know?

Paul Gaidi was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA in 1893. His father is a lawyer and oil dealer. He died in June 7, 1976 at the age of 83. Others say that he is a "hundred feet of insects, dead and not stiff". The implication is that he was one of the world's largest richest people before his life. The oil enterprise kingdom he founded did not collapse because of his death, the scale is still very large. In 1982, his GTI oil company had a sales revenue of $12.3 billion. By 1984, the GTI family had a wealth of $3.9 billion. The secrets of Paul Gaidi's success can be summarized as: confidence is the source of motivation and success, trust is the way to create success, and employment is the key to success.


The power of habits is invisible and powerful. Good habits can benefit people for life, while bad habits are like demons that affect your life everywhere. Therefore, when you realize the existence of bad habits and the inconveniences and inexplicable effects it brings to you, please calmly reflect on them. When you repeatedly ask yourself, you will suddenly wake up And then have enough confidence to overcome it. Like Paul GTI in the story, leaving bad habits in yesterday's dream and in the rainy night.


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