Five pictures tell you why big companies like to choose blue as the primary color

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From the above, we know the information that the color gives to people subconsciously, such as:

Yellow: more youthful and optimistic;

Red: full of energy;

Green: more relaxed;

Black: Suitable for high-end products and so on.

Blue: It obviously gives people a sense of trust and security, and business is full.

(Logo color Map of the technology industry)

(Logo Dahe Collection of all walks of life)

It is clear from this picture that the dominant logo color is blue, followed by red. Whether it is the science and technology information and related enterprises, most of them follow this rule.

Most technology companies especially love the use of blue, is a veritable "science and technology color",it enterprise particularly love to use, before Windows, IBM, to later Facebook, such as the blue giant also let people in the information field to associate these winners, So many technology IT companies logo also easy to use the blue keynote, from the subconscious of the people to guide like success. Even if the Apple logo is gray, color is also the choice of blue, Google,ebay is also.

There is also an industry that also likes to use blue, such as the insurance industry. And the electric business industry is more preference red, especially our China's electric business, and with red also become listed companies.

Through the above cases, we can find that people have traditionally given certain colors to a specific value symbol, so many times the corporate logo decision-making and planning, confidence and reliable choice is often in the preferred list, and finally will choose a safe blue. It can be said that it is people's impression of blue, but also the feeling of blue to people.

If we explain to a deeper source, blue is the color of our planet, red is the color of the blood, and maybe some of the reasons may be the relationship between the religious tradition, I can feel when playing in Tibet.

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