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Five popular Webmail in Linux-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. Source: bole online

Webmail is a Web-based mail client. Unlike traditional mail clients, Webmail is independent of the operating system. You only need a browser to access the email. like traditional mail clients, Webmail has the same functions, such as checking emails, writing, forwarding, archiving emails, spam control, and mail extension support. There are currently many free Webmail software, most of which are based on Linux/UNIX platforms.

This article will introduce five popular Webmail clients and their features. This article does not discuss that Webmail is the best choice.


SquirrelMail is the most popular PHP-based free solution. Open-source Webmail. SquirrelMail has many powerful plug-ins and features. In the shared host environment, the SquirrelMail platform became good. SquirrelMail is easy to configure and install. SquirrelMail has built-in PHP support and IMAP and SMTP protocols. However, SquirrelMail's GUI is not very good.

The following are some features of SquirrelMail:

● Spelling check

● Mail Filter System (I don't know if there are any Gmail filters that are powerful)

● Webpage-Based Management System

● Calendar and address book

● Folder Management


RoundCube is also a free and open-source Webmail. RoundCube has an incredible interface and is easy to install. RoundCube is written in PHP and JavaScript. RoundCube supports multiple languages. At the same time, RoundCube's graphical interface is compatible with XHTML and css2.

Some features of RoundCube:

● Provides private protection

● Support for multiple senders

● Address Book Function Based on LDAP Protocol (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

● Support for over 70 languages

● Plug-in extension

● Email and contact Search

● Send emails with attachments

● Folder management and access control list

● There is no limit on the number of users and the number of users


First, Horde is a Web-based Groupware. Horde provides basic mail management based on the PHP framework. Horde provides the IMP (internet massaging program) function of the mail management system. Day after day, the project has improved a lot with the efforts of developers and contributors. Horde can also be easily installed and configured. Horde has many features in managing emails, address books, and notes. Horde's latest stable version is 4.3.11. There are four parts in Management Panel settings: General options, writing, information, and others. You can easily customize email sending and receiving settings.

Some Horde features:

● File and folder Management

● Set inbox cache quickly

● Spam filtering

● Email Filter

● Warning log

● PGP support

● Virtual inbox

● Note manager)

● Task list manager (Nag)


Surgemail is a high-performance mail client that improves the web mail function. The operation can be performed with less traffic. Surgemail is faster than traditional web mail based on the HTML interface. Surgemail plug-ins, custom options, and core modules are free of charge.

Some features of Surgemail:

● Delete, copy, and move emails

● Simple Customization

● Support multiple calls

● Easy integration of advertise banner can easily integrate banner advertising?

● LDAP Address Book, data support

● Send an HTML-format email

● Automatically change the image size


Zimbra is a collaborative service based on the web mail function. Zimbra is also a free and open-source web mail service. The difference is that Zimbra has a commercial version. Zimbra consists of a client and a server. With Zimbra, we can expand functions in multiple ways in one place, such as using emails, contacts, briefcases, calendars, tasks, and web links.

Some features of Zimbra:

● Zimbra client (desktop version)

● Contact Management

● Share documents using a briefcase

● Convenient and powerful management

● Group Calendar

● Ajax Management Control

● Backup and recovery emails

● Access to Map (do not know how to translate)

● Third-party Extension

● Simple search (email, task, and attachment)

If you are looking for a web mail, I hope this article will help you.

This article is translated from Five Popular Free Webmails for Linux in iSystemAdmin.
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