Five steps to teach you to retrieve the Win7 system password

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Win7 system forgot password How to do? How do I get back the Windows7 system password? After reading this article you will find that these questions are not problematic:

The Chinese flagship of Windows 7 SP1 is an operating system developed by Microsoft (Microsoft), which provides the Win7 official original system download and Windows 7 for home and business work environments, laptops, tablets, multimedia centers, and more. First step: In the system directory of CMD, file changes first to get file ownership. Open "D:windowssystem32" (assuming Windows7 is installed on D disk), right-click "Arrator.exe" select "Permissions"-Advanced-owner, set current XP administrator account to owner (if there is no current account in the list, click "Other accounts", Enter the current account name manually). Click OK to return to the Permissions Settings window, click Add, add the current administrator account to the list, and set the account Read permission for this file to full control.

Step Two: The operation ibid, set the current account for the "Cmd.exe" permission for Full Control, and then rename "Narrator.exe" to "Narrator1.exe", "cmd.exe" renamed to "Narrator.exe."

Step Three: (If the Administrator account is logged in without this step) restart login Windows7, in the login interface click on the lower right corner of the "Easy access" button, in the open window tick "start Narrator", at this time is to start the cmd window ( is opened as system identity, Nature has Administrator rights ~), in the CMD input the following command to open the Administrator account, restart can use the administrator:

Netuseradministrator/active:yes (Explanation: Forced open Administrator account)

Netuseradministrator123456/add (Explanation: Force the User Administrator password to 123456)

Fourth step: Since the Administrator account is not available, then create a chant, to the same permissions as it does it; Restart login Windows7, click the "Easy Access" button in the lower-right corner of the login screen, select "Start Narrator" in the open window, start the cmd window, and enter:

Netuseradmin123/add carriage return;

Netlocalgroupadministratorsadmin/add carriage return;

Fifth Step:

Reboot, go to admin account.

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