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In fact, in the past few months, enterprise organizations have significantly different opinions on SharePoint over several years. Some enterprises think that Sharepoint is another product made by Microsoft. They can purchase and install SharePoint in their current system. Others think that Sharepoint is a strategic platform that can be built, and will obtain commercial benefits.


In theory, Sharepoint is a product. It is developed by Microsoft and must be paid. Yes, you can simply purchase the serial number, insert the CD to the server, and then be surprised that you only need this
Click it to create a Sharepoint Server. He may even have very good functions, maybe it is enough for your collaboration or even documentation (Management)
Yes. In most enterprises that adopt this solution, there are usually two phenomena. 1. If Sharepoint is not correctly configured, Sharepoint is just a shared drive extension to be praised.
2. Enterprises cannot see any benefits in the SharePoint system, and Sharepoint is often not accepted. I'm not saying that all customers will do this,
In my experience, the customers with these two phenomena are beyond your imagination.


This is when you
When you have a deep understanding of SharePoint, even if it is sold like a product, it is actually a platform, it needs some kind of love and
Care, so that he will run as you wish. When an enterprise takes time and effort to design, develop, and deploy a Sharepoint system, it will have all predefined content types and good classification systems.
SharePoint was adopted normally and soon became a key system of the enterprise. Now we know that Sharepoint is not always running like this, but how can we ensure
What about running SharePoint like this?

In this article, I am not going to talk about this issue, because many articles have already discussed this issue. However, I want to write the following steps for an outstanding SharePoint project:

Engage experts


Promote this platform within the company

Engage Enterprises

Set expected results

Test and retest

Engage experts

When you call me and say, "Liam is coming to help me !! This is just a joke, but it may be expensive for some people to design, develop, and deploy SharePoint as a full-time job.
But it can speed up your deployment from the inside. SharePoint experts have experience in this area, such as getting t-shirts
Etc), they often know the potential traps relative to one method and another method. My suggestion is to involve people who may be helpful in some fields.
Let them do everything, just let them help you expand your business, to ensure that there will be no errors in the initial design phase.

Promote this platform in the company

When Microsoft develops a new product, semi-finished product testing on the internet is part of its lifecycle, perhaps through the technical adoption plan (TAP) and rapid deployment plan (RDP), events, tech-ed sessions, webcasts, and a large number of articles. Why do you think Microsoft is doing this?

Simply put, this is to get feedback on new technologies and make people excited about new technologies. I think of the vista, office, and exchange events, and think about how Microsoft is excited to launch its fashionable new product. This is what we should do when deploying a Sharepoint system in an enterprise. I don't mean we should start doing it as we described above, because it is a little too much and it takes a part of the money. But if you want your enterprise to buy your account, you need to make your enterprise feel excited about what you are doing. If Sharepoint is built by the IT department and they choose to use it as a product, most users will not like it. This concept must be changed. Yes, Sharepoint may be a choice made by the IT department, but it must convince the entire company that it is their choice because they cannot (SharePoint system ).


Engage Enterprises

With the (system) Promotion, the key to success is to involve enterprises. As a Sharepoint consultant, the success of the project is based on my ability to get the enterprise's needs and then provide something they want to use. If an enterprise is never involved, I almost guess the enterprise's needs and tell them that you need to do what I said! It sounds like a dictatorship. J

As part of my work, I design and hold meetings when the ratio of infrastructure work to enterprise analysis work is significantly different. In a common solution, architecture and infrastructure design can be quickly solved, but it takes so long for the Human Resources Department to obtain enterprise requirements. The key here is to involve them in the availability and classification directory (Design) of the system, so that you will succeed. Think like an enterprise user.

Q: "I already have ten systems to access to get the content. Why do I need to access another one in the future ?"

Answer: "This is the presentation layer of all systems and provides full lifecycle management for documents and content"

Set expected results

This is as important as obtaining requirements. Setting the expected results can make a project or break down a project. Most of the time, I watched the system build complete, demonstrated and received comments like this, "On the System
You will be able to get a read-only view of your sap Schedule ", which eventually leads to project failure because enterprises find that they do not have an enterprise license number: the Enterprise License number of moss, because
BDC requires MOSS), and cannot use business data directory integration. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it is true.

In reality, if you want to provide
The Schedule System on SharePoint can be automatically filled into the total wage expenditure (Translator's note: Payroll) server and project server, so do your best. If you
In fact, do not make any promises or even mention them, so that enterprise users may hear something and serve it as truth. You can set the expected results by breaking them into multiple steps.
Open it to enterprises by means to let them know. I used to work
This method (to set the expected results) is used for a project, which is not only divided into multiple steps based on time, but also divided into sections based on functions in each step. This allows the project management team or
You can manage and deploy in a smaller access. This will make the deployment more successful, and the enterprise has a clear roadmap on when and when functions will be released.

Test and retest

This step is one of the most important steps for me. You have finished your system, everything has been done well, and you are ready
Deployed to the enterprise on Monday morning. The breakfast arrived on Monday as scheduled. Everything was good in the first few hours. An accident suddenly occurred, and the event log encountered an error (record). The user was denied access or the system responded.
Slow. So you think, if we have performed a test in the complete scope, then I have discovered these problems and how to solve them. In many projects, I have found that tests or stress tests exist everywhere.
Not considered. User Acceptance Testing (UT) seems to always be completed, but it is intended for a small number of selected users, not all users in the company. To ensure that your solution can be applied to the big fan
And your new system has no bottlenecks, so you need to perform tests correctly.

These steps are not an accurate science for building Sharepoint. I simply wrote these steps to share my experiences, and share what works well when you decide to build SharePoint for your enterprise. If you want to add anything or do not agree to any of these items, please let us know in the comment.

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