Five ways to clean up C disk space XP system C disk space is getting smaller how to do?

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Five ways to clean up C disk space XP system C disk space is getting smaller how to do? The system has been used for a long time is becoming more and more bloated, the space is getting smaller, at the same time the running speed is also slow, time comes out C disk space is insufficient! Then C disk space is not enough how to clean up? Today will give you the C disk space is getting smaller five kinds of solutions, This article takes the XP system as an example, hoped can help everybody!

Law I, Disk Cleanup

1, in fact, for NTFS disk partition type default has a Disk Cleanup function, if C disk is an NTFS partition can open properties, find "Disk Cleanup"

2, click on Disk Cleanup, the system will automatically scan compressed temporary files (this screenshot is D disk)


Method II, clean access traces and browser caching, etc.

1, in addition to our regular access to or use of documents will produce a temporary record. Cleaning up these log files can also free up some space.

2, select the Classic menu mode, click the "Clear" feature will appear similar to the above window oh. Automatic cleanup


Method III, cleaning system configuration Class

1, replace the profile path

In addition to the compression and removal of the cache, we can also put the system's configuration file to another path (or delete) By default are placed in C disk, the specific operation to see the figure

2. System Virtual Memory Replacement

There are many places where the system can take up memory space, and virtual memory settings are estimated to be overlooked by many small partners.

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