Five ways to start the Win8 System Task Manager

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First, there is another way to run Task Manager: Press win + X, then select Task Manager from the context menu, and then press ENTER.

Second, open Task Manager-Press CTRL + Shift + ESC. You can directly pull up the WIN8 system's Task Manager! This is the method that is available when the user uses the system to control the mouse. is also a more fundamental method. To locate the pending process, you can use the arrow keys to complete the end process operation.

Third, use Win+r to quickly open "run", enter Taskmgr.exe Press "confirm" to open Task Manager.

Four, you can also use the "Hot Key." In some cases, you can use the key Ctrl + Alt + Del to pop up a window and select Task Manager. In addition to starting Task Manager and locking, changing passwords and users can be manipulated. To select a command, you can use the arrow keys.

V, the use of WIN8 system powerful search function can quickly find open Task Manager, 800 million network I press WIN+W or WIN+Q input Search Task Manager or direct view, enter key to determine.

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