FIX: CentOS configuration ssh password-free login still need to enter passwords

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First step: Create a secret key in this machine

1. Execute command: ssh-keygen-t RSA

2, after all the way to enter the line, will be in the ~ (home) directory generated. SSH (hidden) folder;

3, there are two files Id_rsa (private key), (public key) file


① in the LIUNX environment, to copy the public key or the private key, do not use vim and other editors to open the file to copy and paste;

Because it generates unnecessary carriage returns.

② should use Cat to print the content to the terminal to copy and paste;

Step two: Use Ssh-copy-id to copy the public key to the remote host

Ssh-copy-id [email protected]192.168. 161.132

Copy the secret key to the remote server

The port used in this way is the default 22 for Linux, and if you want to specify a port, you can use:

Ssh-copy-id-i/user name/.ssh/ '-p port number user name @ '

' - p 22222 [email protected] '

Here may take a while, anyway I was waiting for a long time, and then show you to enter the password:

[Email protected] ' s password:

After entering the password, the display:

Now try logging to the machine, with "ssh '-p 22222 [email protected] '", and check in:
. Ssh/authorized_keys

To make sure we haven ' t added extra keys so you weren ' t expecting.

That's a success!

Step three: Log in remotely

[[email protected] ~]$ ssh [email protected]
Last Login:mon Oct ten 14:18:54 from

SSH [email protected]-P 22222

The great pits encountered:

After configuring SSH password-free login, I still prompt for password

First, we're going to check the system's log files.
Tail/var/log/secure-n 20

Where the problem is found: Authentication Refused:bad ownership or modes for file

Literally can be seen as the owner of the directory and permissions are improperly configured, find information: SSH do not want the home directory and ~/.ssh directory to the group has write permission, through the following several commands to change

chmod g-w/home/zhangming
chmod 700/home/zhangming/.ssh
chmod 600/home/zhangming/.ssh/authorized_keys
Then we go to log in, we can enter without the password.

FIX: CentOS configuration ssh password-free login still need to enter passwords

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