FIX: Ubuntu16.04tls can only log on as guest after the root privilege is elevated

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The wheel has been built again ........

Today using W3AF to write to the file, found no write permission, so the internet for help, the results of the pit dad Baidu experience <\b> put together, it let me change the/etc/passwd file username:1000 : 1000 instead of username:0:0. OK, log off the current user, Duang, can only be logged in as guest.

So again the internet for help, all let me restart, the boot always press SHIFT, then choose advanced Options, then choose Recovery Mode, and then into root.

Input:sudo vi/etc/passwd, in the open passwd file to find the previously changed data, the cursor in the data before a character , click on the keyboard of a, enter 100 (itself there is a 0), the other is, change to 1000, back to the last line , enter another line, type:: Wq, on behalf of Save exit.

Sometimes it is really more difficult for me than the ordinary people, because the above these to me no use, because I do not write permission,,,,

What to do? Before executing the above command, enter:mount-o /(note space)

All right, here we go, let's play!!!

FIX: Ubuntu16.04tls can only log on as guest after the root privilege is elevated

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