Fix Xcode7.2 Real-Machine debug: The Account "have no team with ID"

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Temporary solution:

If you are in a hurry, sign up for a new Apple ID and add a new registered account to your Xcode preferences "Accounts".

The team in the project Setup chooses the newly registered account.

If you don't want to change your Apple ID, we recommend sending an email to Apple, anyway.


When you fill in the region choose Chinese, so that Apple reply to your email is also in Chinese, your problem description can also be written in Chinese.

I sent it yesterday morning and received an answer from Apple this noon.

Apple gave me no nutrition, but did not know how to solve my problem:

At night I run the real machine without prompting the have no team ..., but instead directly let me generate a new certificate, regenerate the time also received the Apple "Your IOS development Certificate has been revoked." The message.

So obviously the problem of Apple, if you encounter the "the account" "have no team with the ID" "" The situation will not be a blind toss, send mail and so reply.

Fix Xcode7.2 Real-Machine debug: The Account "have no team with ID"

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