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Today, let's take a look at the new features of Dreamweaver MX 2004 in Flash Element usage.

The Flash Element function is added to Dreamweaver MX 2004, which makes the relationship between Dreamweaver and Flash more closely. What is special about this Flash Element? It can help you easily and quickly create an image browser of the Flash animation version! Next we will learn about the new things through specific examples.

The following is an example of a completed e-album.

The detailed production process is as follows.

1. Find the Flash Element icon in the menu bar of Dreamweaver:

2. Select this button and generate a Flash file in Dreaweaver. You need to specify the storage location of the self-made Flash file.

3. The size of the Flash file on the webpage can be adjusted at will. Now let's look at the CSS changes in the Tag panel on the right. The options ImageLinks and ImageURLs are added.

4. The image contained in the e-album we made specifies the source position of the image in ImageURLs. If the image needs to be linked to another file, add the link address in ImageLinks.
5. First, define the source position of the image, select ImageURLs, and click a drop-down menu of a small icon next to it. A dialog box is displayed, where we enter the source position of the image.

6. if you want to add a link for each image, use the same operation in ImageLinks. In the link settings dialog box, it defaults to three links pointing to Macromedia, each address corresponds to the file from the image source. Just enter the address in sequence.

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