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Many flash animation clips and MV often have exquisite vivid animated characters appear, with blink action, mouth changes and hair of the movement, coupled with the characters of The voice, a picture of the animated characters appear in the Flash animation. Many people want to know how such a character can be lifelike, especially the simple animation effect, such as the blink of an eye, how to make a character blink animation? In fact, the technique is very simple, even do not need a special tutorial to guide, but for beginners, I think it should be an example tutorial to give guidance. The recent discovery of the Empire's online tutorials also has many of these questions-"How to make a lifelike character blink in Flash?" "There are similar problems in other flash forums, and today we are going to look at how we can achieve this with a simple example of blinking."

Effect preview:

Animation Analysis:

1. The eyebrows motionless, occupies one layer alone;

2. Open and close the time interval: this example, a total of 20 frames, closed eyes accounted for 10 frames, open eyes accounted for 5 frames, from the opening to the closed animation process accounted for 5 frames.

3. Note the location of the eyes in several key frames, to align the corner of the eye, the key to the animation is only one: the two animation keyframes on the center point of symbol (symbol) to the bottom.

Now start making:

The first step: make eyebrows. Draw the eyebrows on the first frame of the "eyebrow" layer (hand-painted, you can import the picture of the already processed eyebrows), and press F5 at 20 frames to extend the number of frames to 20 frames.

Step two: Make open eyes. Create a new layer, named "Eyes." In the 1th frame of the layer draw open eyes (also can import processed eye pictures) and convert to symbol (symbol), Graphic (graphic symbols) or move Clip (movie clips). Pay attention to the position of your eyes and eyebrows.

Step three: Make the closed eyes. Press F7 at frame 10th to add a blank key frame and draw a closed eye. Note that the "onion peel" on the timeline is used to determine the position of the eye on the two key frames (eye alignment).

4th step: Make the animation with closed eyes. In frames 5th and 9th, press F6 to add keyframes, and the eyes on the 9th frame are squashed properly with tools, and the center point of the element is adjusted to the bottom, and the center point of the eye element on the 5th frame is adjusted to the bottom.

Animation settings: On frame 5th, right-click, select Create Motion Tween, create a mobile animation.

OK, blink of an eye animation to this is finished, hurriedly Ctrl+enter preview effect bar, blink speed seems a little slow, how to do? It's simple to set the frame rate to 24fps and preview again, is it more realistic? You can see that the animation does not have any complex skills, if you have a good painting work, can be used to frame animation, a total of 4 frames can be, it is really nothing to talk about, hehe ~ ~

Original painting offers: Imperial lingling

Tutorial writing: Leaves

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