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  First look at two different effects:

First effect:

Second effect: (The second effect I did not follow the sun, the Earth, the moon between the true rotation of the law to do, it is said that the earth around the sun, itself should turn 365 laps, the moon should revolve around the Earth 13.04 laps, here mainly to speed up the playback, did not press the truth to do)

The following text tutorials for the first effect, for beginners to make reference

This example uses Flash8 (same as the flash2004) to make the Sun Earth Moon between the simple simulation movement, can be used as a simple physical courseware, more importantly, to further deepen the understanding of Flash animation production of the gradient animation, motion guide line, mask, buttons, simple as statements and other production techniques.

  The Making of the Earth Moon element

1, new Flash8 document, scene size default, background black, new movie clip components, named "Earth Moon." Identified and then entered the editing stage of the movie clip, enlarge view to 200%, with the Ellipse tool, no border, select linear Fill, add a color code, left, middle and right color code for #e6e9ff, #419DFA, #11076D (are experience values, you can set according to your hobby) draw a positive circle, Resize to 65*65, and all centered, inserting a normal frame at frame 10th. Change the layer named "Earth", the color mixer set See figure I:

2, add a layer, renamed "trajectory", in the "trajectory" layer 1th frame with an elliptical tool, no fill, the border is yellow, stroke height of 1, draw an ellipse, change size for 95*45 pixels, all centered. Insert 3 consecutive layers, change the layer name to the Moon, guide line, earth 1, copy the "trajectory" layer frame 1th paste into the first frame of the "guide line" layer, copy the "Earth" layer 1th frame pasted to the "Earth 1" layer of the first frame, in the Black Arrow tool box to select the earth 1 delete the lower half of the Earth 1, Close the eye and lock on the trajectory layer, select the Oval line on the first frame of the guide layer, and use the eraser (the smallest) to rub a tiny notch on the far right of the oval line.

3, select the Moon layer frame 1th (other layers are locked) with an elliptical tool, no border, select the radiation fill, add a color code, the left color code for #e7fcfe, the middle color code for the #c0e9fa, the right color code for pure white, and the right color code to 0 transparency, in the stage space to draw a positive circle, the size of 20* 20, color mixer settings See figure II:

Right-click the moon to convert to components, behavior: Graphics, named the Moon, the registration point is selected in the upper-left corner to determine, drag the Moon component to the line end of the lead wire a little bit above, insert the key frame in frame 10th, the Moon component to the end of the boot line to the bottom of a little lower, select the moon layer 1th frame Motion (animation) Gradient, In the attribute, adjust to the path, sync, to its "All tick, right click on the Guide line layer name, change the layer properties for the guide layer, the Moon layer properties to be guided layer, and then only close the Guide line layer of the eye, press ENTER test, see whether normal, the final effect see figure three:

  Second, the production of light components

1, new graphic components, named "Light" to determine, restore view 100%, with a rectangular tool, no border, fill selection line, add a color code, the left color code for crimson yellow, the color code for red and yellow, the right color code for yellow, and the right color code to the transparency of 30% or so, in the stage to draw a rectangle, to the size of 130* 3, drag the rectangle to x, y for the 100,0 position, first with the Black Arrow tool in the scene space point, in the use of arbitrary deformation tool to drag the center point of the rectangle to the stage at the beginning of the registration point 1cm, see below Figure four:

After ctrl+t pull out the deformation panel, rotate that fill 10 degrees, according to the application and deformation several times to form a circle, with the Black Arrow tool to select the 1th frame, point modify the combination under the menu, the following figure five:

2, new film clip components, named "Radiant" to determine, in frame 1th, drag the "light" component from the library and center it all, add a layer, and in frame 1th, drag the "light" element all centered, change the menu to be deformed--flip horizontally, insert keyframes in 20 frames, create motion tweens, Rotate counterclockwise for one week, insert normal frames at 20 frames of the layer below, and finally right-click the layer name to change the Layer property to mask layer. See figure VI:

  Three, conform to the button production

1, new movie clip components, named "Compliance button" to determine, open the common library, in frame 1th, drag a red button, all centered, the second frame inserted blank keyframe, and then drag into a green button in the same shape all centered, the button on the 1th frame with the Text tool, select the appropriate font size and color input "stop" two words, Similarly, enter "start" Two words on the button on frame 2nd, as shown in Figure VII:

Add a Stop () to the two frames, and then select the red button on frame 1th to open the action panel and enter the following statement:

On (release) {
Play ();
_root.stop ();
_root. Earth. Stop ();

Select the green button on frame 2nd to open the Action panel and enter the following statement:

On (release) {
gotoAndPlay (1);
_root.play ();
_root. Earth. Play ();

  Iv. Scene Organization

1, back to the main scene, build 8 layers, the bottom layer is called "radiant, Sun, track, Earth Moon, Guide line, button, Four Seasons button, text", the "radiant" component in the library dragged into the 1th frame of the radiant layer, all centered, inserted in 131 frames of ordinary frame, locked. In the 1th frame of the sun layer with an elliptical tool, no border, filled for the radiation, add a color code, left, middle, and right color code for #ffcccc, #FBA651, #000000, in the right color code transparency to 0 see figure Eight:

Draw a positive circle, the size of 150*150, fully centered, inserted in 131 frames of ordinary frames, locked. There is no padding in the trajectory layer with the Ellipse tool, the border is yellow, the stroke height 1, draws an ellipse, the size 400*250, the whole center, duplicates this ellipse line, pastes in the Guide line layer 1th frame, and in these two layers 131 frames inserts the ordinary frame, closes the track layer the lock and the eye, Use the Eraser tool to remove a small notch and lock the right ellipse on the Guide line layer.

2, the Earth's moon animation, the Library of the "Earth Moon" components dragged into the Earth's moon layer of the 1th frame, the center point is aligned to the line end of the lead wire notch, and gives the component the instance name "Earth", inserts the key frame in 130 frames, drags the Earth Moon element to align the center point to the line end of the lead wire notch, Point the first frame to create motion (animation) tween, in the attribute to "adjust to the path, sync, to its" All tick, "the" Guide line "layer attributes to the guide layer, the" Earth Moon "layer of the attributes to be guided layer, press ENTER first test the success of the movement, after success, respectively, in the Earth's moon layer 32, 65, 97 Frames Insert KeyFrames, select 32 Frames of the Earth Moon element, the information panel puts the point of the component position in the center, and then changes the component size to 50 (lock width and height) in the 97 frame of the Earth Moon element to 80 (lock width), the above operation is to simulate the size of the earth near the visual effect, Select 130 Frame Input Frame Statement gotoAndPlay (1); Insert a blank keyframe at 131 frames, copy the Earth Moon component on frame 1th to paste in place onto 131 frames, copy the Earth Moon element on frame 32nd to paste into 131 frames, copy the Earth Moon component on the 65th frame to 131 frames, Copy the Earth Moon component on frame 97th to 131 frames, select 131 frames, enter the frame statement stop (), and lock the layer.

3, button and text; Drag the conform button movie clip symbol in the library to the 1th frame of the button layer, place it in the right corner of the scene, and insert a blank keyframe at 131. Enter the words "Spring, summer, autumn, winter" next to Four "Earth Moon" components. This layer is locked. Drag a green button symbol from the library into the "Four Seasons button" layer, frame 1th, the right place below the scene, enter the "Four Seasons" two words on the button, insert the key frame in 131 frames, change the "Four Seasons" on the button to "return" two words, select the Four Seasons button on the 1th frame, and enter the following statement:

On (release) {
_root. Earth. Play ();
gotoAndPlay (131);

Select the return button on frame 131th to enter the following statement:

On (release) {
gotoAndPlay (1);

Finally, the text layer 1th frame in the appropriate position to enter the name of this instance, author, year and so on, the same in 131 frames inserted ordinary frame. The finished main scene layer and the contents of frames 1th and 131th below are shown in figures nine and 10.

testing, filing. The lights were written in February 06.

Some of the production principles and techniques in this example tutorial will be presented in the illustration. We can also do some flashing stars, meteor and other embellishment on the background, thank you.

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