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Many students like to put together some beautiful online dynamic flash map, forming a new dynamic diagram, then what method can achieve the best effect? In fact, we can use Photoshop to splice two pictures, for beginners may be a bit difficult, but more than a few times on it, let us look at the specific methods of operation.

Open two pictures, menu "pictures", "Canvas size" You can tell how long the picture is, the length or width of a picture added to the top of a sheet, note: "Pixel" as the unit more accurate, positioning of the 9 lattice plate on demand, the default is the middle, may not meet the needs.

Drag the layer of another picture onto the picture that expands the size of the canvas and adjust the position of the two layers with the move tool.

If the background layer cannot be dragged, double-click the background in the layer and make sure that the background changes to a normal layer when the window appears.

Change the pattern of the above layer, from "normal" to "multiply bottom" can be used to assist alignment, of course, after the alignment is completed, but also to change back.

As for each picture different tonal, luminosity also has the connection place the adjustment processing method Many, does not have the obvious does not matter ...

Finally, you can merge all layers, select the parts you want, copy them to a new file, and export them to a desired picture.

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