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(The main reference to the volcano's post: ★flash and ASP Communication Primer Tutorial-do really belong to their own message book!) )。 There is no better online PHP message-related tutorials, I downloaded n multi-source files are foggy, and many of the code is written on the MC. Or maybe there's a good tutorial I didn't find, but anyway, I'm going to swim here now.
Flash+php+mysql Simple Message This tutorial
Use Flash+php+mysql to make a simple message book.
Configure the Environment:
The first thing you must do is configure the appropriate environment. I downloaded the configuration Environment Kit package, a fool-style method, easy to install, more suitable for me. Download Address: http://phpnow.org/download.html (including: Apache, PHP, MySQL, Zend Optimizer, PhpMyAdmin, Eaccelerator)
The folder is described below (init.cmd installation; Pncp.cmd Control Panel. ):

    1. Apache folder: PHP server (similar to IIS).
    2. mysql-5.0.15b folder: MySQL database server.
      Data folder: The site database is stored. (The database of the message book is stored in this, backstage)
      Bin folder: Files inside to operate the database (DOS mode)
    3. Php-5.2.6-win32 folder: PHP's library of functions, explained by Apache.
    4. Zendoptimizer folder: accelerates PHP execution.
    5. Htdoc (or WWW): Store Web page files. (the page file of the message book is placed here, the front desk)
      phpMyAdmin folder: Operating database (Windows mode)


1, the installation will prompt you to enter the MySQL database password, here the password to "sun" for example. (User name "root")

2, the browser input "" Display configuration related information, you can enter the MySQL password for connection testing.

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