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I have been looking for a more convenient tool for debugging flex and air. I have used some tools, but I feel a little bad. Today I accidentally found a debug tool that Kenshin prefers: arthropod. For details, let's take a look at where arthropod is "good? First of all, I don't need a third-party debug tool? Although I have to admit that the debug mode of flex builder is very convenient, it also has some limitations, such as: 1. The Flash Player debug mode must be used. 2. When running, use the debugging mode under flex Builder/eclipse. 3. Due to the special nature of flex builder debug, http: // xxxx/xxx.html? Is Used for debugging? DEBUG = true. When other parameters are input in the URL, the debug mode cannot be used.We can use other methods to avoid this, but it is troublesome.Okay. Let's take a look at how arthropod can improve some of the shortcomings above. Let's take a look at some useful information about arthropod. Arthropod home page: http://arthropod.stopp.se/index2.php/


Http://arthropod.stopp.se/index2.php? Page_id = 3arthropod document: http://arthropod.stopp.se/index2.php? Page_id = 4

Let me give a simple example to illustrate the usage of arthropod.

1. Adobe AIR runtime is required before arthropod is used. 2. Write the following content where debug is needed:Code Import COM. carlcalderon. arthropod. debug; 3. Write the following code debug where debugging is needed. log ("userid ======" + userid, debug. green); Note: Debug. log is the most commonly used method in arthropod. The first parameter is relatively simple. I will repeat it again. Let's take a look at the second parameter, debug. red indicates that the content of userid = XXXX is displayed in red on arthropod. 4. When debugging, run arthropod first, then run your flex application (note that you can directly run it in normal mode) 5. You can view the content you want to monitor on arthropod. PS: arthropod generates the following files in your installation directory. {Drive letter}: \ Program Files \ arthropod \ log \ lastlog. log (stores the latest log Content) {drive letter }:\ Program Files \ arthropod \ data \ log. XML (all log Content is stored in XML format)

The following are some arthropod functions that I think are useful: The DEBUG constant can be used to specify a password. Only debug that meets the password can be traced.

Debug Method: 1. Log: Common method. For details, see the content shown above. 2. Waring: Warning mode. The yellow information is displayed on the arthropod. 3. Error: error mode. The red information is displayed on the arthropod. 4. Clear: Clear the trace information on arthropod. 5. array: You can directly view the content in the array. 6. Object: You can directly view the content in the object. For details, see the following:

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