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Flex vs. NET Interop (10): Fluorinefx.net based on timely communications applications (real-time messaging applications) (i)

Each real-time communication feature application developed using Fluorinefx.net has an application adapter (Applicationadapter) that manages the lifecycle of the entire real-time communication application and accepts and rejects the client's connections. The application adapter object is also the equivalent of an object to a Flash Media server application.

Using fluorinefx.net to develop timely communications applications, we can host through the ASP.net web site, a asp.net site can host multiple real-time communication applications. These applications are stored in the root directory of the specified folder under the root directory of the ASP.net web site. The following illustration:

In the development of FLUORINEFX in the timely communication applications, according to the FLUORINEFX directory structure of the ASP.net site directory is very simple, just to create a asp.net site under the directory named Apps, then FluorineFX will think Each folder in this directory represents a FLUORINEFX application.

We can use FLUORINEFX to develop timely text chat, video chat, video recording, media playback programs, as well as webgame and other similar timely applications. For example, we need to develop a video chat system, OK, then create a apps directory under the ASP.net site directory, and then create a directory named VideoChat under Apps, the following directory structure:

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