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 flex export Excel is a prerequisite for plug-in AS3XLS-1.0.1.SWC, the following for you to introduce the implementation of the specific

Need plugin as3xls-1.0.1.swc  code as follows: <?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "Utf-8"?>  <s:application xmlns:fx= "http ://ns.adobe.com/mxml/2009 "  xmlns:s=" Library://ns.adobe.com/flex/spark "  xmlns:mx=" library:// Ns.adobe.com/flex/mx ">  <fx:Script>  <! [cdata[  Import com.as3xls.xls.excelfile;  Import com.as3xls.xls.sheet;    Import mx.collections.arraycollection;  Import mx.controls.alert;  Import mx.controls.checkbox;    [ bindable]  private var Dp:array = [  {studentid:1,name: "2ssdl", Gender: "For 001", Birthday: "Zone 4", ClassName: " 5 scavengers can not "},  {studentid:2,name: 2", Gender: "1 tones", Birthday: "4 but", ClassName: "5 for Go"},  {studentid:3,name: " 2 Access ", Gender:" 1 tones ", Birthday:" Fly 4 ", ClassName:" Access 5 "},  {studentid:4,name:" Access 2 ", Gender:" 0 tones ", Birthday:" 4 but ", ClassName: "for 5"},  {studentid:5,name: "2 Members", Gender: "0 tones", Birthday: "4 Fly", ClassName: "5 for"}];    private function OnCreate (dg:datagrid):void  {  var RowcoUnt:int = dg.dataprovider.length;  var colcount:int = dg.columncount;  var sheet:sheet = new sheet ();  shee T.resize (Rowcount+1,colcount); Set the scope of the table   var fields:array = new Array ()//To save fields   for (var i:int=0 i< colcount;i++)   {  sheet.se Tcell (0,i,dg.columns[i].headertext.tostring ())//table line No. 0 Set field name   Fields.push (dg.columns[i].datafield.tostring ( ); }  for (var i:int=0 i< rowcount;i++)   {  var record:object =dg.dataprovider[i];//get a row   Insertrecordinsheet (I+1,sheet,record); }  var excelfile:excelfile = new Excelfile (); ExcelFile.sheets.addItem (sheet)//Add table to Excel file   var mbytes:bytearray = Excelfile.savetobytearray ();  var file:filereference = new Filereference ();  file.save (MBytes, "test file. xls"); Set dead file name   File.addeventlistener (event.complete, function () {  alert.show ("Save Success"); }); /** callback function * * /  function Insertrecordinsheet (row:int,sheet:sheet,record:object):void  {  for (var c:int c < ColCount C + +)   {  var i:int = 0;  for each (Var field:string in Fields)   {  for each (var value:string in record)   { /** loop to determine MYDG column Name field value Record[field] is equal to value **/   if (record[field].tostring () = = value)  /** write to Table **/  Sheet.setcell (row,i,value); }  nbsp } } } } ]]>  </fx:Script>  <fx:Declarations>  <!-- Place non-visual elements (such as services, value objects) here-->  </fx:Declarations>  <mx:Panel>  <mx:button label= "Export" click= "OnCreate (MYDG)"/>  <mx:datagrid id= "MYDG" width= "100%" rowcount= "dataprovider=" "{DP}" >   <mx:columns>  <mx:datagridcolumn headertext= "School Number" datafield= "StudentID"/>  <mx:d Atagridcolumn headertext= "name" datafield= "name"/>  <mx:datagridcolumn headertext= "Sex" dataField= "gender" Width= "/> " <mx:datagridcolumn headertext= "Birthday" datafield= "Birthday"/>  <mx:datagridcolumn headertext= "class" datafield= "ClassName"/>  </mx:columns>  </mx :D atagrid>  </mx:Panel>  </s:Application>   
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