Flex is used as a page. The back-end server used for video processing is FMS.

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As a leader in the next generation of rich client Internet technology, flex has been adopted by more and more companies and accepted by more and more users and programmers. The top 10 advantages of Flex are listed below: 1. Flex and FLASH: it makes it possible for common programmers to develop and make flash. 2. Excellent interface performance. 3. Rich Client Applications in RIA solve multiple problems such as Asynchronous calling, refreshing interfaces, and browser compatibility. 4. Support for streaming media: flex is widely recognized as the best application of Streaming Media Technology Support 5. Availability of the Platform: According to Adobe, Flash Player is installed on half of the world's PC machines at 99.8%. 6. cross-platform: flash Player can run in Linux or on a mobile phone, so you don't have to worry about being bound to Windows. 7. operability of the underlying layer: Flex can call underlying things, for example, you can call the camera to implement the video, and the video itself is embedded in the flex application and played directly by the flex player. 8. Subsequent Operation and Development Prospects of the Platform: Flex is an open-source tool launched by Adobe and has a sufficient learning environment: Flex official style Configuration tool, you can configure the appearance styles of various controls of the Flex application online. This program is also compiled using Flex. You can imagine how much application FLEX can achieve, and how beautiful the interface is, there is no need to make any image or artist at all. They can be implemented directly using styles. 10. You can use any Web programming platform you are familiar with as the background data access layer. You can use. net, PHP, JSP, and WebService.

Flex is used as a page. The back-end server used for video processing is FMS.

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