Flexibility to set Excel table header rows to appear randomly

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Excel does dozens of, hundreds of lines of the table is very common. Look at the lower part of the data can not see the table title line, so that people do not know what the astronomical figure of each column represents what meaning. And the normal printout, only the first page can print out the title row, the rest of the pages are bare, look after a few pages of content and let people do not know why. Let's see how we can solve this problem.

One, let each page display header row

Click the front-most cell in the row below the table header row. Click the Window menu → split, when the table will be divided into two sections, the first section is displayed as the header row, the second part of the table to display the specific data (Figure 1), and then click the Window menu → freeze window, then try to turn the page to see, Does every page have a header row (Figure 2).

Note: If you also want to freeze a column or columns on the left side, you should click the row below the table header row from the first or second of the front number ... Cell, because the splitter window is based on the cell where the cursor is located. But the cursor can also be split at any point, then point the mouse pointer to the horizontal or vertical split line, while the mouse pointer becomes a double-headed arrow, hold down the left button to drag to the end, but if there is no frozen content on the left, you should drag the longitudinal split line to the left of column A, which is not split vertically. (Figure 3)

Second, let each page print out after the header row

Click the File menu → page settings, and in the Open Page Setup dialog box, click the Sheet tab, and then click the Red arrow button (Figure 4) behind the top header row box to open the page Setup-Top header row dialog box, and then select the header row in the worksheet that you want to print out on each page. The page Setup-Top header row box will now be "$1:$1", meaning that the first row to the first row is the header row for each page printout (we can also enter $1:$1,2,3 without selecting the header row). (Figure 5)

Point x or the Red arrow button after the box exits the page Setup-Top header row dialog box, and finally clicks the OK button (whether you've also found a way to print the title column here). In this way, the printout will have a title on every page.

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