Flexible use of Excel functions can also print postcards in batches

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Combine Excel with Word, and use mail merge to quickly bulk print postcards, envelopes, and more (related articles: Word works with Excel to bulk print envelopes). However, it is slightly more complicated to use mail merge. Is there a simpler way? I suddenly think of a query function in Excel VLOOKUP, it might work. By groping, I've summed up one of the following simple and easy ways to do this.

First create an Excel file and design two tables in the file: one is the Address book and the other is a postcard. Because send postcards need postcode, address, name, title, etc., so the sending directory of the above data into the Address book. I'm having trouble setting up my zip code, because I can't set up the word spacing in Excel, the printed postal code can't correspond to the corresponding box, so the change of the post is made up of one cell per bit.

Then enter the unchanged content according to the format of the postcard, such as the blessing language, sender and other information. Then enter the formula in the cell that you want to change (the position shown below).

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H1 is the place where the number is entered. Note that the number in the H1 is best set to white, otherwise it can be printed out. The formula for the H4 cell is "=vlookup" (H1, Address Book!). A3:g1002,2,false) ", the formula means that according to the contents of H1 cell, in the Address book A3 to G1002 cell in the range of the first column for vertical query, the same contents of the cell to the right of the 2nd cell to display the contents of the H4. Similarly, we set up the formula of H5, I5, E1 and F1 cells separately.

After the setup is over, we just need to change the number in the H1, and other information on the postcard will be automatically displayed according to the contents of the Address Book. Then the good version, a beautiful postcard on the printed out.

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