Flexible XHTML and CSS Webpage Design 2-navigation menu design

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Briefly list the factors to consider when designing navigation menus

1. Full menu navigation based on images means that the font size of the menu cannot be adjusted for the person with amblyopia... In addition, you must create an image each time you update the menu ..

2. Use an unordered list (UL) as a menu to make it more compatible with different browsers and devices (such as mobile devices.

3. text-based menus are easy to update and modify.

4. In the detailed design of the navigation menu, you can use the background image to make it beautiful without the flexibility. For example, Mozilla uses the "Sliding Door" tab menu

5. Can the text size be changed? Is it easy to expand when the number of menus increases?

6. In the actual design process, the picture menu is inevitable, because the decision makers may not be yourself.

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