Flushmode Property:

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First, see the Hibernate API



Description: The two versions were posted because the Flushmode property differs from the 3.6 and 4.1 settings, the 3.6 Flushmode attribute is a class, and 4.1 has replaced the Enum.

Second, Flushmode properties

This explains its effect in Org.hibernate Class Flushmode: Represents a flushing strategy. The flush process synchronizes database state with session state is detecting state changes and executing SQL statements.

Represents a flushing (a translation refresh or empty seemingly inappropriate, tentatively understood as a refresh) policy, which will process the data in the thread by changing the state of the session and executing the state of the SQL.

static FlushMode ALWAYS
The is Session flushed before every query.
static FlushMode AUTO
The is Session sometimes flushed before query execution on order to ensure this queries never return stale state.
static FlushMode COMMIT
The is Session flushed was Transaction.commit() called.
static FlushMode MANUAL
The is Session -ever flushed when was Session.flush() explicitly called by the application.
static FlushMode NEVER
Deprecated. use MANUAL instead.

There are five Flushmode attributes, respectively:


Acknowledgement: http://blog.csdn.net/accpsz/article/details/6010618

Flushmode Property:

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