Flying technology discussion on the development direction and prospect of Guiyang website construction Service Company 2016

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Guizhou Fly technology discussion on the development direction and prospect of Guiyang website construction Service Company 2016

With the rapid development of mobile applications, 2016 users are now biased towards the use of mobile phone applications, so, for the Guiyang website construction industry, we give everyone's suggestion is the transfer Machine website application development, responsive website construction, do HTML5 suitable for mobile phone website development.

The general website construction Company all feel to do the website construction is too tired, and the profit is also relatively low, the quotation too high company also cannot receive many list, also has many website construction company quoted very low, although the profit is low, but is better than no profit, low price signed the website construction service contract, but can not provide the service for the customer, caused by the site construction industry is more chaotic phenomenon, there are a lot of web site construction company even a year is not live, on 2015 China website Construction company about 50% are closed, some Web site construction companies are not contact, resulting in a lot of customers on the website construction company distrust, As the website construction industry does not have a unified regulatory body, so that customer complaints no door, the site construction company threshold is low, less than 2 people is a website construction company, more than thousands of people of the website construction Company. Thousands of people's website construction company Price is much higher than the general website construction Company, so many entrepreneurs can not bear the price, users always like the low price, large scale, good service website construction company.

Website construction industry out of the majority of companies are small, no brand, customers, poor service companies, there are some not professional companies, itself is a website construction company, because of customer development difficult, but as long as the business to make money to do, 400 phone, domain name registration, site hosting, The more the site construction company to do not focus on the site construction business, the less focused on the site construction business will not do a good job, this website construction company generally live not to do 2 years on the site construction business, many people say website construction company is very difficult to dry, very tired, low profits, Which companies need to have their own independent website, the website construction market will be more and more big. Website construction market will be more and more mature, web site Construction prices are soon transparent, customers, dishonest, not professional website construction company is difficult to live over 2016 years.
Website Construction market is quite chaotic! In the face of such a chaotic market situation, how to choose? We believe that the company should have the following qualifications:
1, a certain development time
above has said that the website construction company generally survive only 2 years, Only after the market test and customer identification of the company can only be time to survive. From 2008 to now, 6 years for thousands of enterprises to do Web services, by many entrepreneurs called-Network marketing fast Money machine!
2, professional team
website Construction company should have professional technical ability, this is a very basic requirements, but also support the network construction company long-time development of the most important point. Flying Technology has the most professional technical team, from the project positioning, network construction to the late operation and operation of the training of the dedicated team responsible! At the same time contact our experts can get the technical diagnosis of the website, can do the most professional, most accurate positioning and analysis.
3, to be able to receive home visits
The cooperation is both sides, the cooperation mutual understanding mutual trust is the website construction project carries on an important foundation. If a website construction company even customer visits can not be received, can only say that the strength of the company is not, customers more light trust! Guiyang Website Construction Company welcomes all parties to the company's field trips, to understand the flying project operation process, the company's working atmosphere and contact with our professional technical specialists, Our usual work on the side of the visual display in front of you, let yourself judge whether we are a worthy entrusted company!

Guizhou Fly Technology Co., Ltd. only focus on the website customization, always pursue "with the fastest speed to customize the best site." We have been thinking how to create greater value for customers, so that customers more peace of mind. From PC to mobile Internet flying technology to create a full range of Internet Marketing system, flying technology for many of the world's top 500 companies and listed companies to provide a full range of network support. Flying technology based on their own development of the "cloud Platform" in the domestic first to create an information service model, site construction as a point of entry, to provide enterprise customers with one-stop Internet solutions. Over the years, flying technology to establish the industry service quality benchmark as the goal, and continuously improve the quality of service, is willing to work with our customers continue to lead the construction of Chinese enterprises in the field of information technology new benchmark. Company website:

Flying technology discussion on the development direction and prospect of Guiyang website construction Service Company 2016

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