Flynn Open source PAAs platform installation trial

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Flynn-host Bootstrapflynn is a good open source PAAs platform, based on Git and container technology, developing models and
Heroku is basically the same, and the way to build it is based on Heroku buildpacks


Official documentation tips are Ubuntu OS 16 and 14, so install it on Ubuntu

    • Shell
sudo bash < <(curl -fsSL
    • Effect

      More long, waiting

    • Installed components
Install Flynn’s runtime dependencies
Download, verify and install the flynn-host binary
Download and verify filesystem images for each of the Flynn components
Install an Upstart job for controlling the flynn-host daemon
Initializing a cluster

Test using a single machine

    • Initialization
sudo flynn-host init --init-discovery

    • Start
sudo systemctl start flynn-host
sudo systemctl status flynn-host

    • Bootstrap system
flynn-host bootstrap  --discovery

The cluster DNS needs to be configured first

    • Check

Since the use of flannel ensures that there are flanel and FLUNNBR0 network interfaces, as follows:

Use (Official demo)
    • Add a cluster

      Refer to your actual address specifically

flynn cluster add -p wshSAUMXH/TWU0WmmivA1IWlo+wLFtxY9IBArpwopW0= default  d0e2cd73215044088745f68da8a6c165
You may need to add a local host
nodeip   controller.demo.localflynn .com
nodeip  git.demo.localflynn .com
    • Clone code
git clone
    • Create an App
cd go-flynn-example
flynn create example

    • Git remote
git remote -v

    • Apps

    • Route

    • Add PG Dependency
flynn resource add postgres

    • View environment variables
flynn env
    • git push (git push triggers build and deployment)
git push flynn master

    • Access
curl -i


Flynn deployment and use is relatively simple, and heroku very similar, basically is the open source version of the Heroku

Dashboard interface
    • Interface

    • Login Token
      Flynn-a Dashboard env Get Login_token


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Flynn Open source PAAs platform installation trial

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