Focus on one-on-one instruction, online education platform "Hi Class" complete a + round 60 million yuan financing

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36 Krypton learned that the middle and primary schools one-on-one online tutoring platform "Hi class" today announced the completion of A + round of financing, financing amount of 60 million yuan. This round of investors is genetic capital and also linked capital. It is reported that this round of financing will be used for teaching and research, teacher training, quality courses and user experience, such as business development, to extend the Shanghai-centered primary and secondary schools and one-on-one online education coverage radius. In August 2017, 36 Krypton reported on its a-round financing.

Hi class was founded in 2015, by the Ang Li Education group hatched, is a live based on the Internet interactive technology to K12 test-oriented online one-on-one education platform. Ang state education is currently the largest non-academic education and training institutions in Shanghai, relying on the mother of Jiao Tong Jiaotong University teacher Advantage, ANG Education has established a cover for children's education, secondary school students interest training, language training, adult education, education and training consulting services, such as a complete life-long education industry chain. Hi class CEO season art is now Shanghai Ang State Education Technology Co., Ltd. General manager.

Hi class service platform is mainly mobile client and website. Students can go through the classroom in the app online one-on-one lectures and knowledge points to review, the time is up to the students themselves, parents can download the parent client, for audit supervision class. In addition to parents and teachers, each student also has four teachers to follow up the course, including the class teacher, the curriculum and research specialist, the psychological counselor and the supervision teacher.

In terms of curriculum, the curriculum of the class supports primary four to senior high school, and covers several subjects such as English and materialized Lithen. In addition to the primary to high school synchronization courses, HI class also designed a summer and winter courses, as well as quality courses, are one-on-one teaching. According to billion European network reported, from the independent development to now, HI class has completed about 600 sets of fine curriculum development, December 2017 Hi class monthly revenue of 20 million yuan, the whole year breakthrough 100 million Yuan.

On the teacher side, HI class platform teachers from Tsinghua, Beida, Jiaotong University, Fudan and other first-class schools. At present, HI class has hundreds of full-time teachers, after this round of financing, HI class focus will be on perfecting their own full-time teacher training mode.

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