Focus on three major cloud security areas, you know?

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Faced with the complexities of information security, manufacturers are inevitably overwhelmed. The information security of the * * * for manufacturing enterprises, the consequences of unimaginable. So far there is no indication that the environment for information security will improve or become more secure in a short period of time.

As a result, more and more manufacturing industries are starting to strengthen their information security strategies, focusing on the efficient implementation of strategies to adapt to new threats and quickly adjust their strategies. Through practice, many manufacturers have found that they can rely on cloud providers to provide efficient, lower-cost alternatives to information security. However, not all cloud providers have the same level of expertise and competence in information security.

Three major areas of information security that manufacturers should focus on. Do you understand?

    1. Access control
      Access control provides the ability to access and perform functions using information systems, applications, or program files for users with valid identities and users with appropriate permissions. The challenge today is that there are so many devices, computers, data sources, and applications that it's not easy to develop a comprehensive approach to access control.
      However, QAD provides a comprehensive access control strategy that allows QAD and its customers to access only the network and network services that are specifically authorized for their use, all based on the principle of least privilege. Access is controlled through the secure login process and is limited by access control policies.
    2. Vulnerability Management
      Cloud providers should use vulnerability assessment tools and best practices that provide virtualization technology, the cloud's most fundamental technology. Such tools can scan both physical and virtual environments. In addition, you should develop strategies and procedures for vulnerability testing, as well as support processes and technical measures.
      Qad uses such tools and methodologies to detect vulnerabilities in QAD cloud applications, infrastructure networks, and system components in a timely manner to ensure the efficiency of the security controls implemented and to take remedial action in a timely manner.

    3. Basic requirements for governance and risk management
      Cloud providers should establish baseline security requirements for physical and/or virtual applications, related infrastructure, and network components. These requirements shall conform to applicable laws, regulations and regulatory compliance obligations.
      For example, Qad cloud Services is a world-recognized integrated security management system that meets internationally recognized data security standards such as ISO 27001 and CSA Star. This is the most effective guarantee to reduce the risk of cloud computing. But meeting standards is not a once and for all, it needs to meet changing standards. For example, the high maturity standards developed by QAD Pass the CSA star two level cloud security certification, demonstrating its ability to ensure system security and customer data security.
      Although manufacturers can list a number of standards that uniquely reflect company-specific safety and cover a wide range of areas, the main focus should be on these three areas when selecting suppliers.
      Qad is a cloud provider that chooses to put information security first, with a wealth of hands-on experience and many successful cases. Qad Cloud ERP delivers excellence in terms of availability, performance, security, and fast, successful implementations. Qad Cloud service Provider is your best practice in the face of threats to information security, tailored information security strategies, effective risk avoidance, and timely response to crises.

Focus on three major cloud security areas, you know?

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