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We are a block chain technology company, the development of a variety of dapp applications. As a result of development needs, our front and rear end in recruit warrior,
If you are such a person, welcome to my private chat. * * Front End Engineer * *
* * Job Function: * *
1. Together with product designers, engineers to create a new block chain products;
2. Responsible for product front-end development, participate in the product background function and open interface design and research and development;
3. Continuous improvement of product performance, safety, stability and scalability.
* * Appointment Requirements: * *
1. For HTML, CSS, JS specification fully understand, understand es5,es6, HTML5, CSS3 specifications;
2. Understand HTTP protocol, including v1.1, V2.0, familiar with HTTPS protocol;
3. Understand react, angular, vue one of the frameworks, for AJAX, Websokcet have some degree of experience;
4. Familiar with the performance tuning of the page, as well as the tools and methods to find performance problems;
5. Have practical knowledge and practical experience on accessibility, maintainability, etc.
6. Have a certain knowledge and experience of web security;
Salary 8-12k * * Service-side Engineer * *
* * Job Function: * *
1. Responsible for the design and development of the product service side;
2. With the front-end engineers to communicate well, clear and complete understanding of the needs and comb the functional needs;
3. Long-term continuous observation, optimization and maintenance of service delivery systems enable adaptation to changes in business models.
* * Appointment Requirements: * *
1. JavaScript basic skills, proficient in the use of Closure, Callback, promise, etc.
2. Proficient in the use of Nodejs core modules and common middleware (such as Express) to understand the Nodejs asynchronous non-blocking programming model;
3. Familiar with the WEB background architecture, performance optimization, Restful API and database query and use;
4. Familiar with the basic use of Mongo, Redis and other databases;
5. Have a deep understanding of data structure and algorithm;
Salary 10-15k work place: Chengdu

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