Follow the Sun Power 2nd flying across the Pacific, the pursuit of human clean energy dream

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during this year's "Wuyi Labor Day", I travel with my children and visit my friends. On the way home, the car out of Beijing Badaling "Qinglongqiao" tunnel, downhill, the car constantly glide forward. I let my child slow down and keep the speed of miles per hour, just like the cruising speed of Sun Power 2 solar aircraft.

during the car taxiing, I opened the rear window with Sun sun and stretched my hand out of the window and felt the wind coming out of the window. I told Xiao Sun Sun, constantly turn the palms and the back of the hand, experience the wind blowing "lift" size. Later, I asked my child to reduce the speed to a few kilometers per hour , which is equivalent to the instantaneous speed at which the solar plane leaves the ground when it takes off. At this time, the wind speed outside the window is very faint, almost do not feel. I told Xiao Sun that the solar plane would take off under such a faint wind.

Speed * kilometer equivalent per second Ten meters of speed. At this time, the scenery outside the window slowly moved backwards, like riding a bicycle, the solar plane took off. We need to ask how much power (horsepower) is needed to quickly pull the solar plane and get it to take off?

According to the booking plan, Sun Power 2 # tomorrow ( 5 month < Span style= "font-size:18px" >5 2 Fly Pacific?

as you know, the "lift-to-drag ratio" of the Boeing airliner17-18, while the "lift-to-drag ratio" of gliders is generally30-60between. Solar power2The "Lift-to-drag ratio" is very high, -around. In other words, the body2.3at takeoff speed of every second.Tenthe take-off situation of the meter requires -kilograms of pull to make it fly off the airport runway, straight to the blue sky. We have to ask, Sunshine power2How much does the takeoff power need to be? Answer: -kg m, equivalent to7horsepower (note: Each horsepower equals thekg meters).

Solar power2number has4engine (electric), each with a power of -horsepower. In other words, the average output per engine2horsepower power, Sun power2The number will take off. Since one horsepower equals13.5kw, so, -the power of KW allows it to take off. In fact, the solar power2Number Equipment4Group of lithium-ion batteries, each group capacity is Akwh. Assuming an hour of flight, the Sun's power2can break through the clouds to see the sun, power consumption only -kwh, flying across the Pacific is promising.

my heart will follow the Sun's power 2 , flying over the Pacific, together to pursue the dream of human clean energy. I wish the Sun power 2 pilot bon Voyage!

Shimen 5 Month 4 Day

Follow the Sun Power 2nd flying across the Pacific, the pursuit of human clean energy dream

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