2017 latest apple id registration process, 2017 registration process

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2017 latest apple id registration process, 2017 registration process

Whether you are an apple developer or an apple enthusiast, as long as you have an Apple Terminal (IPHONE, IPAD, ITouch, or MAC) in your hands, you want to use some apple services, you must apply for an apple id to enjoy the high-quality services provided by APPLE.

In fact, registering an apple id is very simple, but it may be a little complicated for new users,

I remember that in 2014, the IPhone 5 was very popular. Since I started to switch to IOS, I needed to buy an IPhone terminal. I didn't have a lot of money, but I bought an IPhone 4.

To download an app from ios Appstore on an IPhone, you must register an apple id,
At that time, some pitfalls were encountered during the registration process.

I have summarized some of them. Next I will share the APPLE ID registration process.

1. Open the Apple ID first

1: Open https://appleid.apple.com

2: Click to create an Apple ID

3: Enter the Apple ID registration page


2. Fill in the complete personal information in sequence (otherwise the registration fails)


1: email (note)
①: If you apply for an individual developer account or an apple enthusiast, you can enter your own email address. ②: If you apply for an account for a company or an enterprise developer, you must enter the company and enterprise email address. Otherwise, you may encounter PLA1.2 problems)
2: password and Confirm Password (note)
①: Password length must be greater than 8 ②: Both uppercase and lowercase letters ③: at least one digit

When I first registered, I did not know the rules and thought Apple was really abnormal. In fact, I found that I did not understand the rules.

Although complicated, security is greatly improved.

3: surname and name
①: Enter your name and name respectively.
4: Birthday (note)
①: You must enter an adult. Otherwise, you cannot join the developer.
5: The security prompt must be filled in completely; otherwise, the registration fails.
①: Fill in three security questions in sequence. If you cannot remember or forget it, you can modify it. I suggest you try to make it true to avoid future use.
6. Enter the verification code and click "continue to submit ".


7: Enter the verification code


①: Apple sends an email to your mailbox, which contains a verification code.

②: You must log on to your mailbox to obtain the verification code and enter the verification code above.

Congratulations, you have registered an Apple ID, and then you can log in.

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