21, PHP and Python/java ratio, which is better to learn?

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PHP is a well-known programming language that is relatively easy to learn.

General study about half a month can develop a simple website, general study four or five days you can use PHP for two times the development of the site.

To learn a skill, you need to know what this skill is and what it does,

Especially for the 0 basic and want to learn or career as a PHP programmer friend, but also should have a general understanding of PHP, because learning programming is a lot of patience to persist in order to grasp the matter,

Although the difficulty is not big, but need the accumulation of practice. Many people because of curiosity and learning, halfway and because of boredom and boring and give up.

Halfway is the most regrettable, not only to naught, but also to their own learning new things of confidence caused a blow, feel that they are not learning programming material.

In fact, PHP in many programming languages, relatively easy to use, it is suitable for beginners to learn.

It's entirely up to you to learn how to be diligent in PHP. The problem is first to find out the reasons for themselves, this is the prerequisite of the programmer's accomplishment.

The execution of the program is not wrong, the bug must be caused by the programmer's mistake.

PHP is most widely used in the web, and most small and medium-sized websites are made in PHP.

Simple to master PHP is not difficult, difficult on the PHP programmer must understand the front end, backend, database, server.

The specific learning sequence is:

First stage: Literacy.

Understand what is the B/s mode, the principle of knowing how to enter a URL from the browser is how to get the flow of information. Familiar with HTML, can quickly write static pages with Div+css, familiar with JS, master jquery. In a lot of small companies, PHP programmers are even the front-end of the work done together. Even if the company has full-time to do the front-end, PHP programmers must also understand, can change the CSS, will write basic JS effect, with jquery will greatly accelerate the efficiency of work, write the coquettish code.

Second Stage: PHP basic syntax.

Master the basic grammar and figure out what variables, constants, data types, and familiar functions are. PHP's Library of functions is particularly rich, not all of them can be remembered, but at least the manual on the common functions are practiced several times, later need to use the printed
Like. Do not write for a long, only to find that the original function with a built-in function can be solved.

The third stage: database, Web server learning.

PHP's best partner is: Mysql (Database), Apache (Web server), for Apache, usually less operation, understand its configuration can be. And MySQL is especially important. Early know how to use PHP operation MySQL to increase the deletion, understand the commonly used MySQL optimization principles, can use Php+mysql write a simple message board page.

Stage four: Php drilldown.

Mastering Ajax asynchronous transmission, learning object-oriented, learning the MVC framework and mastering the popular PHP framework, such as YII framework, the domestic thinkphp framework, to form a good coding habit. Can quickly develop web sites with frameworks.

The fifth stage: the optimization technology of the large-scale website: such as page static, memcached cache technology, MySQL database depth optimization and so on.

The above five stages are only PHP beginner to intermediate level, far from the advanced level (acting as a web architect) and still a long way to go.

And not just learn a PHP can do everything, PHP is not omnipotent, all kinds of programming languages have its advantages and disadvantages, the language itself is not the difference between the high and low, language is just the tool to implement the function.

If you can achieve a high level (mastering multiple languages, proficient in one or two languages), you will find that the language itself is not important, the programming idea is the most important.

21, PHP and Python/java ratio, which is better to learn?

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