360 What is the first aid disk? 360 how to use the first aid disk?

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360 What is the first aid dish?

360 First Aid disk is a Linux based emergency operating system developed by Qihoo 360, which is simple to install and easy to use. Compared with the traditional WinPE u disk, it has the advantages of more stability, better compatibility and more network support ability. So you can save data when the system crashes, only use U disk can install system, Integrated 360 heavy Master U disk version, 360 First aid box U disk version, so that you do not need to have a very professional computer knowledge can easily cope with the collapse of the big problem, from the blue screen, black screens say goodbye

360 First Aid disk use tutorial video

Figure 2 Select the USB disk you want to make

At this time, 360 emergency disk will automatically connect the installation of production documents, the entire production file about 160M, patiently wait a few minutes.

Figure 3 Download 360 First aid disk files

Fig. 4 360 Emergency disk making file download

In the data to the U disk before writing, 360 emergency disk will prompt the user to back up U disk data, confirm U disk important data transfer can be clicked next operation.

Figure 5 360 Rescue disk prompts backup USB disk data

After confirmation of the production, 360 first aid disk will be downloaded from the network system files written to the U disk.

Figure 6 360 First Aid disk System file write

360 The first aid disk is finished.

Fig. 7 360 First Aid disk production complete

The entire production of 360 first aid disk process is very smooth and simple, not too much headaches options, basically is repeated by the confirmation. In the production process is superior to computer stores, Chinese cabbage and other commonly used PE u disk production software, professional options often make the computer small white guilty halo. USB disk After the completion of the production, we can see a U disk more than a 360 system files.

Figure 8 360 First Aid disk system files

In fact, in the production of 360 first aid disk process will not be on the U disk file damage, Backup prompts just as an inertia hint. After the production is completed as long as you do not delete the 360 system files on the U disk, you can also use as a normal U disk.

360 How to use the picture and text tutorial on first aid disk

After making the 360 first aid disk, we need to set the computer's startup key to boot on the USB disk. Of course, different brand computer settings different methods, specific can refer to the article "Fast access U disk startup mode." After setting up the U disk boot, plug in the production of 360 first aid disk, the computer boot automatically run 360 first aid disk system. The splash screen is shown in the following illustration:

Figure 9 360 Emergency Disk System launch screen

After the start screen, the screen will flash several times, we do not have to worry about the computer to read 360 emergency Disk System command. The whole process of entering the system time for people, small series of the classic machine takes 2-3 minutes, and in the Bai Fumi Dell Ultra-polar is only need 10 seconds, starting very fast. into the main desktop of the system, you can see the style is very concise, various features are very rounded icons. (The feeling of a little millet V5 system!) )

Figure 10 360 First Aid disk system main interface

The function icon on the main desktop is basically a collection of all the features of the 360 first aid disk, including system reload, boot repair, Trojan killing and partition assistant, etc. to help the computer repair the practical function. In addition on the desktop also in the form of icons marked the computer's partition letter, to help users the first time to save important documents. Small features such as Notepad, command line, Web wizards, and browsers are also shown in shortcuts.

Fig. 11 360 main functions of first aid disk

Below we one by one to 360 first aid disk function introduction, the first icon is "My Computer", this with the usual our system in my computer no any difference, just is the interface is ugly a little. Here, you can quickly transfer important files, move files to another non-system disk, to avoid the system crash reload system lost files.

Figure 12 360 Emergency disk resource manager consistent with the original system

In 360 of the many functions of the first aid disk, small knitting think the most real function is the network connection. 360 First aid disk built-in network connectivity, compared to a lot of PE type U disk repair tools, this is a good progress. Because in a lot of PE system to connect network Internet needs to go through cumbersome steps, and some even network card drivers are not, so many small white users into an embarrassing dilemma.

Figure 13 360 First Aid disk network connection function

Click on the Red Frame area above to switch wireless, wired, and dial-up connections to the network.

Figure 14 360 First Aid disk three network connection mode

After successful network connection, can also through 360 first aid disk built-in browser online, and the built-in browser is Moilla's team developed open source browser SeaMonkey, simple and compact. Some of the Internet features are available. and the browser also supports the Flash function, small edit try to open some Web pages, the Web page Flash video playback is very fluent.

Figure 15 360 First Aid disk built-in Web browser

Another makes small make up to think interesting 360 first aid box The built-in system unexpectedly has the Chinese Pinyin input method, opens the desk Notepad may enter the Chinese freely, through ctrl+space to switch.

Figure 16 360 First aid disk with Chinese Input method function

Small series also found 360 first aid disk in a slot point, unexpectedly with small game function. After the point open through the browser link to 360 game navigation, this small game function is too chicken? is to let everyone in the rescue computer at the same time, by the way play one or two games?

Fig. 17 A little Chicken 360 first aid disk games

 360 Emergency Disk Rescue system

Of course we use the 360 first aid disk not for some of the small features above, but more to try to save the crashed system. The above has introduced to 360 first aid disk built-in a lot of 360 peripheral functions, such as system reload, Trojan killing, boot repair and district assistants and other functions.

System blue screen or crash many times is because the system is poisoned, 360 first aid box in the Trojan kill cited is 360 system first aid box function, in no network can still use off-line mode to kill, of course, can be connected to the network of the net to kill it.

Figure 18 360 Rescue disk Trojan killing function

If the results of the killing are implanted MBR Trojan, can be guided repair. 360 The first aid tray refers to the MBR repair tool in the 360 System First aid kit. (Note: The system installs the disk encryption software or the restore software does not attempt this function.) The MBR can be restored to its original state by booting the repair.

Figure 19 360 First Aid disk boot repair

If the above situation can not solve the problem, the last helpless way is through the reload system to solve. Also in the 360 first aid disk has a system reload function, cited or 360 under the 360 heavy master, 360 reload Master U disk version need to connect network download system files, the time spent depending on the speed. Currently only support for Windows XP system reload, Windows 7 system can only departs farewell. I hope that the 360 emergency disk will be able to add support for Windows 7 systems in subsequent functions, after all, there are many people who use Windows 7 system!

Fig. 20 360 Emergency Disk Reload system function

Figure 21 360 Emergency disk Reload system only supports Windows XP system

The last 360 emergency tray also has a small partition helper function, mainly to help users redistribute the system disk space. 360 the Section assistant for the first aid disk now has three features: Expand the partition, increase the partition, and merge the partitions. Egg pain is in the district assistant start state, unexpectedly can not use the original screen-cutting function, small series can only helpless choice with mobile phone photos.

Figure 22 360 emergency Disk Division Assistant

c Disk less space, by expanding the partition function can enlarge the space of C disk, but also to ensure that C disk data is not destroyed, the system space is not enough users can experience.

Fig. 23 360 First Aid disk extended partition suitable for low disk space users

Increasing zoning is more suitable for new computer users, some users often have a computer with only a C and D disk, this is the partition assistant's increased partition can quickly resolve the partition problem. Turn 1-2 partitions into 3-4 partitions.

Figure 24 360 Emergency disk increase zoning

Merging partitions, in contrast, helps users merge partitions with too many partitions. It should be noted that the ability to merge partitions is limited to adjacent two partitions, and not adjacent partitions do not temporarily support this feature.

Figure 25 360 First Aid disk merge partition only supports adjacent partition merging

360 Emergency Disk Division assistant overall, there is no complex interface, the zoning requirements are relatively wide, very suitable for the user computer system disk space or small white users will not be partitioned.

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