A group of open source Adobe AIR apps that you can learn to consider porting to playbook (hosted by Google Code)

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Sina Weibo by Snaildesign Lab

Ifan: Rice No


Desktop QR Code Reader.

Monkeytail is the Thunder Monkey Client for the Adobe Air platform.

Localfileexplorer Adobe AIR

Gdocsuploader is a little utility to help you upload documents to Google Docs.

Tidypics photo Gallery is an ELGG plug-in that provides a powerful Photo Gallery.

Flump is a simple application This allows your to download all of the public photos for a specific Flickr account.

Open Source Project for Merapi. Merapi allows developers to connect Adobe AIR applications, written in Adobe Flex to Java applications running on the user ' s local computer.

Shout-on-air is a desktop client for a Shoutcast radio station, written on Adobe Air. Shout-on-air can customised to for ' your ' radio station, by setting the stream URI and port number in the CONFIG. Le. The player can also is branded with your radio stations logos, colours, etc. It also shows tweets that mention the station, so listeners can send in requests, you can tweet schedules etc.

AIRHTTPD is a simple HTTP server, based to Adobe AIR 2.0 (public beta). This functionality was a part of HTTP version 1.1.

Backit! v.0.85

JONFTP is a FTP client based on Adobe AIR technology, which are free, user friendly and Platform Independent. Just like many other FTP clients, it supports communication with any FTP server, including download, upload files, manage Your remote dictionaries etc ...

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