Analyzer error analyzer error message: the type "websystem. Global" is not clear: it may come from the assembly... Solution

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Analyzer Error

Note:An error occurred while analyzing the resources required to provide services to this request. Check the following detailed analysis error information and modify the source file as appropriate.
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Analyzer error message:The type "websystem. Global" is not clear: it may come fromProgramSet "E: \ websystem \ bin \ websystem. DLL or assembly c: \ windows \ Microsoft. net \ framework \ v2.0.50727 \ temporary ASP. net files \ Root \ 689fe73e \ 8fed81e9 \ App_Code.50ls-biu.DLL ". Specify the Assembly explicitly in the type name.

Source error:

Row 1: <% @ application codebehind = "Global. asax. cs" inherits = "websystem. Global" %>

Source file:/Global. asaxRow:1




**************************************** *

1. solution:

Follow these steps:
1. Check if the program you modified last time has not been compiled? If no compilation is passed, modify the incorrectCode.
2. Delete the DLL files under the original Bin (delete the DLL files generated by the program, do not delete the referenced DLL files)
3. In vs. net, select "generate"> "regenerate SOLUTION ".
Then run the task again to check whether the task is successful.

2. Missing a point:

If the root namespace of the Project is changed, for example, xiaoniuge. microcms, and the current project is in version management status, you should use NotePad to open global. in the asax file, change the microcms to xiaoniuge. microcms.

3. This error message is also generated in another situation:
When. aspx or. when the ascx file is excluded from the project and some pages need to call this file, this error is also generated. In this case, you can include this file in the project, then you can recompile it.

4,Solution: Set the program directory to a virtual directory

This error may occur in many cases:
For example:
Copy an old project and change the root directory of the namespace,
The namespace of the corresponding global. asax. CS should be changed accordingly.
Otherwise, the *. Global error will not be found.


Version: Microsoft. NET Framework Version: 2.0.50727.42; ASP. NET version: 2.0.50727.42

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