Andrew Ng Wu NDA's recent papers

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Andrew Ng personal homepage,, his team's recent papers are organized as follows:

April 2018:

Noising and denoising natural language: diverse backtranslation for grammar correction

April 2017:

Chexnet: radiologist-level ppneumonia onia detection on chest x-rays with deep learning

Cardiologist-level arrhythmia detection with convolutional Neural Networks

Data noising as smoothing inneural network language models

Deep voice: Real-Time neuraltext-to-speech

April 2016:

Autonomous aerobatic airplane control with Reinforcement Learning

Deep Learning: What's next

Neural language correction withcharacter-based attention

Speech is 3x faster than typing forEnglish and Mandarin text entry on mobile devices

Unsupervised deep learning applied tobreast density segmentation and mammographic risk scoring

April 2015:

An Empirical Evaluation of deeplearning on highway driving

Building dnn acoustic models forlarge vocabulary Speech Recognition

Deep speech 2: End-to-End speechrecognition in English and Mandarin

Driverseat: crowdstrapping learningtasks for autonomous driving

Lexicon-free conversational speechrecognition with Neural Networks

April 2014:

Deep speech: scaling up end-to-endspeech Recognition

First-pass large vocabularycontinuous Speech Recognition Using bi-directional recurrent dnns

Grounded compositional semantics forfinding and describing images with sentences

Increasing deep neural networkacoustic model size for large vocabulary continuous speech recognition

Offeringverified credentials in massive open online courses: MOOCs and technology toadvance learning and learning research (ubiquity symposium)

April 2013:

Arrangement and method forthree-dimen1_depth Image Construction

Deep Learning for class-generic objectdetection

Deep Learning with cots hpcsystems

Learning new facts from knowledge bases with neuraltensor networks and semantic word Vectors

Parsing with compositional vectorgrammars

Tuned models of peer assessment inmoocs

The online revolution: Education foreveryone

Zero-shot learning throughcross-modal transfer

Andrew Ng Wu NDA's recent papers

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