Android device COCOS2DX Bone Animation registration event play sound, back to the background and return to the black screen issue

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Recently encountered a COCOS2DX bone animation registration event playback sound effects, when the bone animation playback, press the home button to return to the desktop, when the game is opened again, will be black screen.

The solution is as follows, probably not too perfect, at least to solve most of the problems.

1. Add the native method to the under Org.cocos2dx.lib

 Public Static native void Setispause (boolean ispause);

2. Add the corresponding method in the corresponding java_org_cocos2dx_lib_cocos2dxrenderer.cpp

void Jnicall Java_org_cocos2dx_lib_cocos2dxrenderer_setispause (jnienv* env, Jobject thiz, Jboolean ispause) {        Ccdirector::shareddirector ()setandroidpause (ispause);    }

3. Add setandroidpause in ccdirector. cpp to mark whether it has been paused

// Set pause State void Ccdirector::setandroidpause (bool  ispause) {    = ispause;} // Get Pause Status BOOL Ccdirector::getandroidpause () {    return  m_bandroidpaused;}

4. Add a 1 step method to OnPause in under Org.cocos2dx.lib

@Override     protected void OnPause () {        cocos2dxrenderer.setispause (true);         Super . OnPause ();        Cocos2dxhelper.onpause ();          This . Mglsurfaceview.onpause ();    }

5. Add a line of code in the Volatiletexture::reloadalltextures () method of CCTextureCache.cpp to resume the paused state

void volatiletexture::reloadalltextures () {    true;    Cclog ("reload all texture");    ... ... // Intermediate content    omitted here false ;     // last row pause set to False    Ccdirector::shareddirector ()->setandroidpause (false);}

6. When playing the music, it's time to decide if it's paused. simpleaudioengine. cpp

int Simpleaudioengine::p layeffect (constcharbool  bloop) {    if( Ccdirector::shareddirector (),getandroidpause ())         return0;    std::string fullPath = getfullpathwithoutassetsprefix (pszfilepath);     return Playeffectjni (Fullpath.c_str (), bloop);}

Android device COCOS2DX Bone Animation registration event play sound, back to the background and return to the black screen issue

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