Android immersive status bar, color changing status bar, transparent status bar, modification of status bar color and transparency

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Android immersive status bar, color changing status bar, transparent status bar, modification of status bar color and transparency

First, I want to distinguish between the immersive Status Bar and the color-changing status bar.

Immersive Status BarIt indicates that the status bar is hidden. After you perform operations on your fingers, the status bar is displayed. For example, when you play a video, the status bar is hidden, but when you click the screen, the status bar is displayed. For example, when reading a text reader, the status bar is displayed in full screen mode and then sliding down or down the screen. The virtual key and status bar appear, but it is directly covered in the program text, which is called the immersive status bar.
The status bar is usually the same color or transparent as the navigation bar. It refers to the color-changing status bar or transparent status bar.
For more information about these two concepts, see

After v19 (4.4), android: windowTranslucentStatus is supported. The transparent status bar is displayed. After v21 (5.0), the color of the status bar is changed. You can set the color of the status bar as needed.
These two new features help us quickly achieve the same color of the status bar after 4.4 and the navigation bar of the app.

The color-changing navigation bar is implemented through theme in styles:

Next we will define the topic BaseAppTheme, which is inherited from the AppTheme defined above. base topic, which defines three colors, respectively specifying the color of the status bar, toolbar, and key controls on the page (color defined by yourself ).


For the meanings of each color attribute in an AppCompat topic, refer

Then define an AppTheme that inherits from BaseAppTheme,


5.0: New values-v21 \ styles. xml"

Define the AppTheme applicable to the 5.0 System and the color-changing status bar proposed in the 5.0 system. Therefore, we only need to define an AppTheme to inherit the BaseAppTheme Code as follows:


The running result is that on the 4.4 system, the display is completely normal, while on the 5.0, the toolbar is normally displayed transparent, but the status bar is displayed gray transparent
4.4 system:

5.0 system:

The reason should be that the 4.4 system supports the transparent status bar, so you only need to set the status bar color to transparent to achieve the effect.
In contrast, 5.0 supports the color-changing status bar, and the result is different from our expectation. We should handle the following:

Set in the code to determine if the sdk is greater than or equal to 5.0, execute the following code

    Window window = getWindow();
    window.getDecorView().setSystemUiVisibility(View.SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_LAYOUT_FULLSCREEN | View.SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_LAYOUT_STABLE);

After running, the system can achieve transparent effects on the 4.4 and 5.0 systems, as shown below:

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