Android system again brush rom précis-writers (one)

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when the Android system needs to be a drastic transformation, it should be clear to understand the Android image of the composition of the ability to do discovering.

First of all, the files that need to be burned during the android burning process mainly include uboot.bin\boot.img\system.img\userdata.img\recovery.img and other files.

Xiaomi's brush machine file mainly contains the Data\meta-inf\recovery\system\blob\boot.img\file_contexts file.

The data directory only has a directory MIUI from the name can be found inside the file is mainly Xiaomi user interface files.

System/app The main store in this is the regular download of the application, you can see the APK format is the end of the file. In this directory The program is the default component of the system, the software installed by itself will not be present here, but in the \data\ directory .

System/bin files in this folder are local programs of the system, from the Bin folder name can be seen binary binary program, which is mainly the Linux system comes with components (commands)

system/etc The system configuration files are saved from the directory name, such as the core configuration such as APN access point settings.

system/fonts The font directory. In addition to the standard font and bold, italic body can see the largest file volume may be the Chinese font. or some Unicode font droidsansfallback.ttf file size

system/framework the framework is primarily a core document. From the suffix named jar can be seen is the system platform framework.

System/lib Lib folder is mainly the system underlying library, some so files, such as platform Execution Time library
System/media/audio The ringtone Music directory, in addition to the regular ringtone outside the other system prompts the event tone.

system/usr user directory, including sharing, keyboard layout, time zone files, etc.

System/priv-app ability to store some of the app files you've written

System/vendor Store Product related documents

bootimg files are generated by image and ramdisk.img files. There are related descriptive narratives in the/build/core/makefile file. # The boot image, which is a collection of other images.

Internal_bootimage_args: = \

$ (Addprefix--second, $ (installed_2ndbootloader_target)) \

--kernel $ (installed_kernel_target) \

--ramdisk $ (installed_ramdisk_target)

There is a detailed description of the package in the System/core/mkbootimg/bootimg.h.

** +-----------------+

** | Boot Header | 1 page

** +-----------------+

** | Kernel | N Pages

** +-----------------+

** | RAMDisk | M pages

** +-----------------+

** | Second Stage | o Pages

** +-----------------+

From the above can be clearly seen that the composition of the boot.img file is mainly the kernel and ramdisk.img files packaged and joined the file header is complete.

If you need to change the official information given by Xiaomi, you can use

#./ boot.img

Page size:2048 (0x00000800)

Kernel size:6695672 (0X00662AF8)

Ramdisk size:1276106 (0X001378CA)

Second size:0 (0x00000000)

Board Name:

Command Line:

Writing Boot.img-kernel ... complete.

Writing boot.img-ramdisk.gz ... C Omplete.

Unpack the RAMDisk file. First, create a directory to store the extracted files, after entering the directory, run the following command:

#gzip-DC. /boot.img-ramdisk.gz | Cpio-i

Once you have made changes to the document, you need to make the boot.img file again.

Use the Mkbootfs tool (Mkbootfs tool is compiled after the Android source code is finished. will create the RAMDisk again at ~/android-src/out/host/linux-x86/bin's own initiative). Can be manipulated using the following commands, for example:

#mkbootfs./ramdisk | gzip > ramdisk-new.gz

Using MKBOOTIMG to create boot.img,mkbootimg again can be found in the ~/android-src/out/host/linux-x86/bin folder:

#mkbootimg--cmdline ' no_console_suspend=1 console=null '--kernel boot.img-kernel--ramdisk ramdisk-new.gz-o Boot-new.img

Android system again brush rom précis-writers (ii)

Android system again brush rom précis-writers (one)

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