Android x86 is used for android Application Development. android Application Development

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Android x86 is used for android Application Development. android Application Development

Android bus. id: android_bin


I. required tools:

1. virtual Machine Software (this article uses virtual Box as an example ),

2. android x86 image, large.


2. Install the android x86 system.

Open virtual Box and create a new virtual Machine

Select Linux as the operating system and OtherLinux as the version.

Memory: MB


The default hard disk is 8 GB, because it is used for development, more than 8 GB memory






After the virtual machine is created, you need to modify some configurations.

First, load the downloaded iso file:



Then adjust the NIC, the connection mode is recommended to select bridged adapter so that the virtual machine in the LAN has an independent IP address for easy access, and then the control chip to choose PCnet-fast iii, otherwise the Android-x86 can not recognize the NIC

After the virtual machine is started, you can see the following picture

The first and second projects are so that you do not have to install experience high, medium DPI Android-x86, if you are interested, you can first run experience x86 speed

We want to install Android to the hard disk. Select the last item and press Enter.
Installation-Install Android-x86 to harddisk

Next, we will go to the installation interface. The interface effect is as follows:

Select Create/Modify partitions to Create a partition.

First, select new to create a new partition.

Select Primary to create the Primary Partition

Use the default partition size.



Then we set the partition to boot (select Bootable and press Enter). This is the partition flag that will display boot,


Then we select write to write the modification to the hard disk (after selecting write, we also need to enter yes to confirm)


After the partition is complete, select quit to exit. After exiting, we can see that the newly allocated partition is identified.

Press enter to select the partition. In this case, you will be asked what partition format is used to format the partition. We recommend that you select ext3.

After the format is selected, the system will confirm with you again. Enter yes to start installation.

During the installation process, you will be asked if you want to install Grub. Select YES here, because Grub is required to start Android later.

When installing Grub, you will be asked if you want to install the/system directory in read/write mode (set it to debug, which is easier to read and write, but takes more space and installation time). Select yes


After you press enter, the installation will start.

After the installation is complete, a menu is displayed.

The three options are

Run Android
Create a virtual SD card


Because SD cards are certainly used for development, we create a virtual SD card here.

You will be asked about the size of the SD card when you create it. You can set it according to your needs. Here I set it to 512 MB.

After you press enter, the installer will start initializing the SD card.

After the format is complete, the system will prompt you to restart,


Before restarting, you must first exit the system disk in the optical drive of the VM.

First, disable the VM. because it has not yet entered the android system, you can only choose to force exit.


Restart Android


Note: when using the mouse in the Android system, you need to set Virtual Box to prohibit automatic mouse exclusive. Otherwise, the mouse cannot be used normally in Android.

Mouse operation method: When the mouse is outside the virtual machine, click it to enter the virtual machine, which is restricted to use in the Virtual Machine. If you want to come out, press the right ctrl key. of course, you can change the right ctrl key to another key in vbox settings,

4. Use ddms to connect to the VM:

Ctrl + f1: Open the linux Command Line window in the VM. Enter netcfg

You can see the current network device status. eth0 is the ethernet card, now it is up, the IP address has been allocated by dhcp, just write down

Open eclipse, hook use adbhost in android-ddms, and enter the IP address.

Switch to the ddms tag, reset adb, and you will see that your VM is in the devices ~

5. Modify the Virtual Machine resolution to meet development requirements.

It's okay to do mobile phone development. We can start using the above steps, but if we do pad development, this resolution will not work. We have to modify the resolution.

First, you must turn off the VM and vbox. Both of them must be disabled. Otherwise, the following changes cannot be saved.


Open the folder on the computer as shown in the figure. I use the administrator. If you use another account, change it.

Find the folder named by your VM name. Open the android. vbox file.

Add the following statement to the <ExtraData> node to add the desired resolution. Here the letter x is used, not the * number.

Note: If the width is greater than the height, the virtual machine automatically horizontal screen.

After adding, re-open the VM and press


Enter the following interface, and then press e

Add vga = ask as shown in the figure and press Enter.

Then press B


At startup, multiple video modes are detected. You can select the video mode and press Enter.

Now you can see that the resolution you added is displayed. If you want to use it, enter the preceding number and press Enter. For example, if you want to use 360 X, enter and press Enter.



If you want the system to start at the resolution you specified, You need to perform the above steps every time the Android virtual machine starts to modify the kernel parameters to start Android




5. Additional questions:

If you use iso 3.2 or 4.0, eth0 will display down when you set the network.

Enter the command line interface, or use the command line software android terminal in the application to enter the command line

Enter su to use the Administrator account

Enter ip address a to check the NIC. eth0 is displayed, but it is down.

Enter dhcpcd eth0 to enable the dhcp function of the network adapter eth0. After the dhcp function is enabled, the assigned IP address is displayed, or you can use netcfg to view the IP address later.

Enter setprop net. dns1 to set the dns. This is provided by google. You can change it to the dns on your computer.

After setting OK, press alt + F7 to return to the graphic interface. Now you can use a browser to access the Internet, but the program that requires network connection still cannot be used.


Related shortcuts

If the mouse pointer is not displayed on the Android screen, you can use the VirualBox menu to disable mouse integration (Host Key + I ).

The "Windows key" is equivalent to the Android Home button.

"Esc" is equivalent to the Android Back button. In the 2.3 System, right-clicking can also be used as a return. It is very convenient.

F2 is equivalent to the Menu button of Android

F3 is equivalent to the Android Search button

Alt + F1 => switch to Console mode

Alt + F7 => switch to graphic interface mode

What Android applications can be used on Android x86?

Because x86 is different from the arm instruction set, basically all programs developed using NDK cannot run. pure java can run because dalvik is platform-independent.
To solve this problem, intel has developed a command converter to facilitate the use of atom mobile phones to run arm programs. The great gods of the androidx86 project have already connected it to 4.0-RC2. After installing some library files (some images directly contain these files), they can directly run the arm program on the x86 processor, more than 80% of personal experience programs can be used. However, videos that involve underlying hardware acceleration are still unavailable.

What are the common android applications for X86 and ARM?

According to Google's statement, 90% of the programs are universal, and all the programs in the Google play store are universal. I installed Android x86 4.3 On the netbook. Although some programs run normally, however, some functions are ineffective. For example, the UC browser always fails to download documents, while the Baidu browser does not have a problem. 91 many assistant software cannot be downloaded normally, So Google play is no problem. In general, there are still flaws in compatibility, and patience testing can always be done.

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