Apple 6 S automatic shutdown what is going on? What should I do if iPhone 6 S has 30% power automatically shutdown?

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According to information from multiple channels, the current unexpected shutdown phenomenon exists on the iPhone 6 s, and more than 500 answers have been received and discussed in Zhihu, according to some netizens, the problematic mobile phone was sent to the Apple store for detection and the conclusion was that the battery was okay. The sudden power loss of cell phone battery mainly occurs in winter. Low temperature will lead to slow flow of lithium battery electrolyte, and the internal resistance will become larger, resulting in insufficient power. However, at present, the temperature in most parts of the country has not reached below 0 ℃. Many iPhone 6 s users have also reported that the environment used is basically above 10 ℃. There is no problem of automatic shutdown due to low temperature.

In addition, according to a Weibo survey, only 7000 users indicated that their iPhone 6 s had an unexpected shutdown problem and appeared in both iOS9 and iOS10 systems, but the iOS10 system appeared more frequently.
Some netizens analyzed that the first possible reason is that the performance curve of the Apple battery exceeds the original model of the manufacturer, which leads to inaccurate display percentage of the battery. The second reason is that the iPhone 6 s battery increases with the aging internal resistance, in a large current application, if the output is not enough, shutdown is triggered. Some netizens think it is a design defect of iPhone 6 s, because the battery pins are loose. When the power is insufficient, the voltage is low, and the pins are loose, so the battery cannot be detected.
Apple customer service explanation: it is not a hardware problem because of the ios10 system.
Recommended solution:
① Go to the Apple store to flash the machine;
② Connect to the computer and update the latest system;
③ Wait for Apple to fix system bugs.
Tips: Back up your data if you need to brush your machine! Unless you are a friend who will brush your phone, do not advocate that you do not brush your phone. Please update the latest system on your computer.

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