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If you want to publish a toll app at Apple Mall or use an in-app charge in Apple apps, you first need to set up your itunes connect contracts, tax, and Banking.

First open HTTPS://ITUNESCONNECT.APPLE.COM/WEBOBJECTS/ITUNESCONNECT.WOA sign in to itunes Connect and then selectaccess to the relevant admin page for ITunes ConnectYou need to set this up first. Click "Request" to complete the basic information of legal entity after you have agreed to an agreement and submit the page will appear contracts in Process. At this point, respectively, to set the contact info, the tax info and bank info One, contact click "Set up" under Contact info, enter the contact information page, and click "Add New Contact" To add a new contact fill in the corresponding information, click Save to save it and then return to contactsInformation page, the newly added contact will appear in the dropdown box, corresponding role settings corresponding to the contacts and then doneSecond, BankBack tocontracts, tax, and Banking main page, select "Set up" below bank info to enter the bank information page. Select "Add bank Account" to add a bank messageChoose your bank card account in which country, here is China, hehe next set up the bank's cnaps Code, the number of places is said to be a line number, can be understood as the unique ID of each bank branch, this can call to ask you bank card banks, that is, they have a unique 12-digit identification number  , or you can search by Apple's look up Transit number. However, I think Apple's search in English, do not know what the English name of the domestic bank, what branch of English is what. OK, then use the following site to query is also possible WGQUERYUNIONBANKSRVOP copy gets the modern payment system line number that sticks to the Cnaps code entry on the Apple page above.  Click Next, Apple will read the corresponding bank information according to the code you wrote, and you can verify that the bank number you wrote is correct. The next step is to set your card number, account name and currency (RMB is CNY, originally thought to be RMB, looking for half a day, wondering.) Of course, if your card supports dollars or whatever, you can choose a different currency)

After this step is set up to display all the information you set, which you can check whether it is wrong, ask the words "Save" save, save it back to the front of the Choose Bank page, select just set up the bank "save" to complete the bank set three, Tex backcontracts, tax, and Banking main page, select "Set up" below Tex info to enter the Tex information page. If there is a country in which you are elected, none of them chooses U.S. Tax Forms. Here's how to set up the situation in the Celestial state:1. Select the first U.S. tax Forms and click on "Set up" below2. Whether a U.S. citizen, or a U.S. company or something, this choice "No" can be, otherwise you have to set the tax number, this, the real wood has. 3. There is no American business activity. This also uses "No", this god horse is too far away, hehe
4. Set the tax infomation. Set the basic information set after the point "Confirm" on the completion of the same, the world also set. A processing time will be required after the setting is complete, and the theoretical value will be completed within 24 hours.
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