ASP. net mvc 4, ASP. NET web API and ASP. NET web pages V2 (razor) are now open-source

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Happy Tuesday! It is indeed a happy day (literally at this moment). Just as at a conference in Las Vegas, I just clicked the publish button to publish this blog post to announceASP. net mvc 4,ASP. NET web API,ASP. NET web pages v2(Razor) Become openSource codeNow,All contributionsProgramAll inIn Apache 2.0Under the license.You can find the source on codeplex. Be sure to read the details in scottgu's blog.

Yeah, I'm bold, underlined, and italic last part. Yes, it's free of charge .;)

This is the result of the hard work of many people in our Organization. This is exactly why I came to work at Microsoft. So what happened here?

Since its establishment, ASP. net mvc has been open-source, in April 2009 converted to ms pl license, developers did notCommunityAdopt the contribution program. We are opening the sourceCodeWe do not have "open source code, ask for a return ".

Today, we are moving forward. Now ASP. net mvc, web API, and web pages will adopt contributed programs from the community. Nuget from outercurve is also open-source, and most of ASP. NET is open-source now. We launched Community code in nuget of Visual Studio 2010. nuget has adopted Community contribution.NowWe will releaseVisual StudioVersionASP. NETInternalIntroduce Community code.

We are working on codeplex to make these ASP. NET components open source and use git as our repository. Codeplex now supports TFS, subversion (via Bridge), mercurial, and git.

Why open source?

If you have been following us, we have been using Visual Studio and ASP. NET for several years. We launched the jquery open source JavaScript library as early as 2008. Since then, we have added modernizr,Knockout,Jquery mobile, JSON. net, and jquery UI. These are all available and available now.

Last year, Microsoft started to use the Windows azure SDK in an open development style. It works well, so now they are expanding styles to include some common frameworks, such as ASP. NET. This will allow us to get feedback and respond faster than ever before.

Over the past four years at Microsoft, I have worked closely with the community to get feedback and let developers listen. However, today, with the introduction of more open source projects that contribute more, you can participate more directly.

    • Any bugs found? Send a unit test or repair code.
    • Do we think our coverage is not enough? Submit a unit test.
    • Is there a functional idea? With developers more deeply participate in and help write it.

For every large open source project, each check-in (Open Source Code or other method) will be evaluated based on the existing standards used by developers. Even better, you will see our developers check in open product code.

Remember that ASP. net mvc, razor, and Web APIs fully support Microsoft products and will still be built by the same developers. This is really important. The product will receive the same Microsoft support policy and will continue to be launched with Visual Studio. In addition, Microsoft is maintaining resource development at the same level. This is still a road map. In fact, there are more Microsoft developers working on ASP. NET than ever before.

Why are you doing this?

Why shouldn't we do this? We like open source, and so do you. Many of us have the background of open source code, and many of us work on open source code in their spare time. We think our products are great, and by moving to open development models, we think more people will be excited, excited, and help make products and communities more powerful.

You willASP. NETDo you want to do more open-source stuff?

Did I mention that we love open source? We will try to continue to make open source in ASP. NET.

Why?ASP. NET web formNot open source?

In this case, the open-source components are independent components released by the core. NET Framework, which means that operating system components do not depend on them. Web form is part of system. Web. dll, and the Windows Server Platform depends on this DLL. Because of this dependency, this Code cannot be easily replaced with a new version, only the. NET Framework or operating system is expected to be updated.

MonoWhat about it?

The Web team went deep into mono. ASP. net mvc can run on mono. We like this very much and look forward to getting code contribution from the mono community. In fact, I called my friend Miguel last week, so he was the first person to submit a request.

Why notGitHubUpper?

The Visual Studio team has an ambitious plan for codeplex, including adding git support and modernization experience. Codeplex now supports TFS, mercurial (HG), and just added git! We are partners of the Visual Studio team. What we need to do is to support their plans and make codeplex a new place where open-source software is booming. We strive to push them and release them every week.


Here is how I think about open source: Open Source = increase investment. ASP. NET is part of. NET and is still released with Visual Studio. The same is true for ASP. NET, which is supported by the same developers. NowYouCan participate in ASP. NET. You will see programs publicly checked in by our developers, provide your own functional ideas, and may even become a key member.

I am very happy that we have achieved this at Microsoft. Although it is just the beginning. I am looking forward to cooperating with you !;)


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