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The ASUS Transformer Book TX300 is a hybrid notebook of WINDOWS8 systems with an Intel Core i7 processor and a 13.3-inch display, with 4GB of memory and 128GB of SSD space, priced at $1499 ( About 9196 yuan).

Design article

The ASUS Transformer Book TX300 is designed to be the same as the Asus Taichi 21 and Asus Zenbook Prime, which uses a 13.3-inch display surrounded by thick borders. At the top of its frame is a 5 million megapixel camera, while the upper left is an ASUS logo. From the metal back of the plate, you can clearly see the aperture of the road, which surrounds the brand logo of ASUS. The top edge of the fuselage has a row of temperature-controlled vents to keep the body cool.

As I said earlier, ASUS Transformer book TX300 's design philosophy is similar to Taichi 21 and Zenbook Prime, and the keyboard and trackpad of Transformer's TX300 are just the proof. However, unlike many windows8 hybrid notebooks, the Transformer book TX300 is particularly commendable for providing users with a large space for the wrist and touchpad.

Underneath the base connector above the keyboard is an imitation metal embossed plate. The keypad lock is arranged on the left side of the dock connector interface, and the base is provided with a textured brushed aluminum design.

Weight 1.9 kg and 33x21x0.6-2 cm Transformer book TX300, compared to 12.5 inch Dell XPS12 1.5 kg 31x21x1.5-2 cm specifications, not only slightly inferior in weight, even the size is not superior. Lenovo invented the yoga hybrid product size of 32x22x1.7 cm, which is roughly the same size as the ASUS Transformer book TX300, but weighs only 3.4 lbs (1.5 kg). Of course, it depends on how you think, if you consider the portability, that transformer book TX300 really is defeated, but also a lot of users are like large size products.

Also, if the transformer book TX300 is treated as a standalone tablet, its size is 33x21x0.3-1 cm and weighs 0.9 kilograms. Compared to Samsung's Ativ Smart PC Pro 700t, the Samsung product is a 11.6-inch display with a size of 30x18x1.1 cm and weighs just 0.8 kilograms.

Display article

The Asus the Transformer book TX300 is a 13.3-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1920x1080 x 1080. With its view of Pacific rim, we can clearly identify any intricate picture details, and the color is very delicate.

As part of the software suite, asus Transformer Book is pre-installed with splendid technology utility software, which provides users with three different visual effects, such as normal effects, theatrical effects, and vivid color effects. Among them, the theater effect to my feeling, its yellow hue is not very ideal, if you just want to change the color, then we strongly recommend that you directly use manual mode adjustment.

Transformer Book does provide users with better visual quality, but its visual angle is quite general. In terms of brightness, although the value of 243 lumens exceeds the average of 227 lumens for the same product, it is slightly less than the 281-flow luminance value of Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, not to mention the 434 flow of Dell XPS12.

Like other notebooks with HD touchscreen displays, it's a bit cumbersome to choose and manipulate WINDOWS8 desktop applications from a tiny grid and menu. In such a high-resolution situation, if you want to click for example a minimize or Close button, each user may need to have a pair of extremely stable hands, so that it can be done with serious error. In fact, this does not mean that the response of the machine is a problem, but it requires the user to choose a little more cautious, or because of high resolution, causing some of the buttons or programs to naturally become smaller. However, if you really feel that it is difficult to operate, you can choose to adopt a method of reducing resolution to solve this problem.

Sound Chapter

The Transformer book TX300 is equipped with the Icepower speakers of 4 Bang&olufsen (b&q Denmark's top audio-visual audio brands), of which two are on both sides of the tablet and the other two at the base of the keyboard. When it comes to the effect, simply put, the user may feel that the sound is not so loud even when the audio is playing at maximum volume, but it can still clearly and accurately transmit the audio information to your ear, And if you use the two speakers on the keyboard base at the same time, you can make the audio content sound Fuller.

Keyboard and Touch Board Chapter

Unlike the Windows 8 hybrid tablet in other tablet markets, ASUS Transformer Book TX300 provides users with a complete hover keyboard and trackpad, which is a lot stronger than HP's Envy X2 or MSI Slidebook without trackpad. Each key of the keyboard has a good sense of comfort and gives the user a very strong sense of feedback, and its layout is very standard. In addition, its hotkey setting allows users to quickly and easily access to the transformer book application, such as the above mentioned splendid technology software and Asus Cloud and so on.

ASUS also installed an ambient light sensor inside the keyboard, which automatically adjusts the backlight to the keyboard based on the surrounding brightness.

In the ten-finger typing test, we got an excellent score of 74 characters per minute upper only 1% error rate, which is significantly higher than the desktop keyboard.

The 10x5 cm Touchpad of the Transformer book is slightly larger for a hybrid flat panel. It's okay to work, but right-click the part to be slightly stiff.

Heat dissipation article

When you use the transformer book in tablet mode, make sure it is as far away from your legs as possible because the heat from the rear vents can reach 41 degrees Celsius, and its temperature is very easy to burn your skin. The heat on the left side of the plate can reach 38 degrees Celsius, while the right side is relatively good and can be maintained at 30 degrees Celsius.

Since the processor is located almost at the top of the tablet, the keyboard base portion is not too hot, but the temperature around the base will reach nearly 36 degrees Celsius. After testing, we can clearly tell you that it is more comfortable to keep the temperature below 35 degrees Celsius.

Interface Chapter

The Transformer book TX300 is equipped with a wide variety of connections. At the bottom edge of the plate, there is a proprietary magnetic charger interface and a base connector, and the base is secured by two firmware. On the right edge of the tablet is the volume adjustment key, the status indicator and the Microhdmi interface, plus a magnetic power outlet and an SD expansion card slot. The left edge is equipped with a mini DisplayPort interface, a two USB3.0 interface and an Ethernet port.

Camera article

The ASUS Transformer Book TX300 is equipped with a 5 million-megapixel rear-facing camera that gives us a very clear and accurate color and image with no apparent distortion. However, the images that are taken from them are not so clear and smooth when playing, and the colors look distorted.

The front-facing camera is equipped with a noticeable distortion, but it also captures a variety of images. Users can also use the Asus Lifeframe app to add a different background to the images taken with the front camera.

Performance Chapter

The ASUS Transformer Book TX300 is powered by a dual core Intel Core i7 3517U processor with a clock frequency of 1.7GHz, with 4GB of memory and 2 hard drives. The primary hard drive is a 128GB SSD SSD and is part of its tablet. The second drive has a capacity of 500GB and a speed of 5400rpm.

As can be seen from the performance test results, ASUS Transformer Book TX300 is very fast in running daily tasks, can easily handle multiple applications, and when we complete the battery benchmark, we find that the score is also very high. In the PCMark 7 test, Transformer book TX300 received a 3872 score, surpassing the average of 3599 points for the same category of laptop tests. Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga is equipped with the same processor and SSD capacity as the Transformer book TX300, while the memory aspect is slightly 4GB, which is one of the reasons it gets 4419 test scores. Again, Dell XPS12, with a 1.7GHz Intel Core i5-3317u processor and a 4GB memory space and 128GB SSD internal storage space, got 4727 points. The Samsung Ativ Smart PC 700t has the same specifications as the Dell XPS12, with a final score of 4442.

In the Geekbench (Full platform performance testing tool) test, the Transformer book's final score was 6360 points, which was much higher than the 4561 score of Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, and the average score of the same category of products in this test was 5960 points. Dell XPS12 only got 6043 points.

ASUS Transformer Book requires 15 seconds of hard drive startup in the WINDOWS8 environment, which is the same as Dell XPS12, and is much faster than the average time of the same product in 25 seconds.

Don't be happy too early, although Transformer book's hard drive starts very fast, but its file transfer speed is much slower than the competitor. For example, if you want to copy a 4.97GB size file, it takes about 1 minutes and 47 seconds, and the rate is only 47.6MBps (megabits per second), while the average rate for the same category of products is approximately MBps. It is also shown by Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga and Dell XPS12 that when the test is complete, the rate is displayed as 121 Mbps, while the latter is in Mbps. There is also a need to mention the Samsung Ativ, because it became the king of the Test, ranked first in the 170MBps speed.

In the last open Office Spreadsheet macro test, Transformer book took 5 minutes and 11 seconds to match 20,000 names to their addresses. The result is once again exceeding the average of 6 minutes and 40 seconds, surpassing Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga's 6-minute and Dell XPS12 's 5 minutes and 34 seconds.

Video Card Chapter

Speaking of which, some users may be disappointed, but I would like to make it clear that, in addition to playing some basic games and watching movies, do not expect to use its Intel HD4000 integrated graphics to do some other major projects. From the results of the 3DMARK11 benchmark, Asustek's final score was 480 points, a medium score, but the average of the test was 730 points. Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 530 points in the test, while Dell XPS12 received 602 points. Although none of the three scored more than average, Asustek's final score was significantly lower than its rivals.

We use transformer book to run World of Warcraft, to adjust the resolution to 1366 x 768, all other aspects of the game's recommended settings, the results show that Transformer book's average frame rate of 29 frames per second , while World of Warcraft game has a playable threshold of 30fps. If you adjust the resolution to 1080 X, the frame rate drops to 26fps.

Battery Chapter

If used in laptop mode, the Transformer book TX300 has a battery life of 7 hours and 49 minutes (web browsing via WiFi networking, display brightness set to 40%), This data is much higher than Dell XPS12 's 5 hours 46 minutes and average time 5 hours 56 minutes, and also surpassed the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 6 hours 18 minutes. In other words, Asus beat the opponent in this respect.

If you run the device in tablet mode, the Transformer book TX300 has a lifetime of 6 hours and 01 minutes, which results in a half hour or so lower than the Samsung Ativ Smart PC 700t 6 hours and 38 minutes, The average time of 7 hours and 05 minutes compared to similar products was nearly 1 hours lower.

One of the advantages of ASUS Transformer Book in terms of running time is that it actually uses two fast batteries at the same time. The first two-core polymer battery is located in the Tablet section, which provides 5000 mah capacity, while the second two-core polymer battery is located at the base, while its capacity is 3120 mah.

In addition, ASUS has preinstalled some software that will help enhance battery life. For example, Power4Gear hybrid software, which allows users to prioritize performance and battery life when they use Transformer book, thus extending battery endurance.

Next, the instant on function, this technology can also set the performance and battery life priority when the fuselage remains in standby mode. If the user is set to performance first, Instant on can wake the transformer book from sleep in two seconds, giving the user 10 days of standby time. In the case of battery life priority, the user can get 14 days of standby time.

Software and warranty Articles

The software preinstalled by ASUS for Transformer book is not many and very useful. Basically, most of the software comes from WINDOWS8 's basic application, or the aforementioned Asus Power4Gear Hybrid, Asus Instant on, and ASUS tutor. In addition, ASUS provides 5GB of free online storage for each user.

In terms of warranty, ASUS offers 1 years of spare parts warranty, one year of accidental damage insurance, a 30-day no-highlight guarantee, and a two-way free shipping guarantee and 24/7 technical support.

Specification article

The transformer book in the US region is configured with a 1.7GHZ dual core Intel Core i7 processor, 4GB memory space, a flat panel with 128GB SSD drives, and a 500GB HDD internal storage space at the base, priced at $1499 ( About 9196 yuan). In the European and Asia Pacific versions, the Intel Core i5 processor and a 320GB hard drive are available.

Concluding article

The ASUS Transformer Book TX300 is a relatively powerful product that combines a flat panel with a rugged, portable keyboard touchpad. Its screen design is very gorgeous, and the visual effect is quite shocking, the keyboard is extremely comfortable. Battery life Needless to say, it has proved its advantage in winning the competition. This 13-inch device may be slightly less weight, but its comfort and portability are not bad, but those loyal to the ultra-portable and small-size notebooks, or consider the Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro 700t. However, it is necessary to remind everyone that while the Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro 700t is only 11.6 inches in size, its 6.5-hour battery life can be far less than the ASUS Transformer book TX300. So, overall, ASUS Transformer book TX300 is definitely one of the best windows8 hybrid tablet products. If you are preparing a WINDOWS8 notebook or tablet for yourself, Transformer book TX300 is definitely qualified to be your first choice.

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