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Software Cradle Products:

Software.Cradle.v14.Suite.Win64 3DVD

Software Cradle Suite v10.0 win32_64 2DVD (fluid dynamics software, including Tetra and STREAM.HEAT.DESIGNER)

Software Cradle Suite v11.0 Win64 2DVD (includes tetra and STREAM.HEAT.DESIGNER)

Sc/tetra.v7-iso 1DVD (fluid simulation analysis)


Phoenics Products:

Phoenics V2009-iso 1CD

Long-term effectiveness:

tel:18980583122 Buckle: 1140988741


Phoenics Software Training (Chinese)

Phoenics User Manual

Phoenics Manual on Machine


ICEM CFD Engneering (wholly owned subsidiary of ANSYS) Products:

ICEM CfD v12.0 Win32-iso 1CD (the latest version, the world's top-of-the-art CFD processor for all the world's most popular CFD software
Efficient and reliable analytical model)

ICEM CFD v12.0 Win64-iso 1CD

ICEM. Cfd.v10.0.linux.amd.64-iso 1CD

ICEM. Cfd.v10.0.linux.ia.64-iso 1CD

ICEM CFD Chinese Introductory textbook

Icem CFD Animation Tutorial-iso 1CD

ICEM-CFD training Material (full) 1CD


Particleworks. Linux64 1DVD

Prometech.particleworks.5.2.win32_64.&. Linux64 2CD (fluid modeling and free surface flow CFD applications)


Cimne Products:

Cervenka Consulting GiD 13.1.4d Win64 1CD

Cimne GiD Professional 13.0.4 Win32 1CD

Gid. professional.v11.1.8d.win32_64 2CD (geometric modeling and numerical simulation tools. and provide visual analysis of the results. Can be located
Numerical simulation of solid and structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, electromagnetics, heat conduction and other disciplines)

GID v8.0.9 Linux 1CD

GID v8.0.9 Linux64 1CD


Cyclepad v2.0 1CD

OPOS v4.9 1CD

Ramseries Professional v11.0.5 1CD (three-dimensional solid, beam and finite element method for the calculation of shell structure analysis environment)


Moldflow Products:

Moldflow.v2013.sp2.win32_64-iso 2DVD (Full-module cracked version, design analysis solution)

Moldflow.Products.v2012 Multilingual-iso 1DVD

MoldFlow Plastics Advisers (MPA) V7.3-iso 1CD (based on the entity, directly using the CAD model for analysis, easy to learn and easy
Use, no

A large number of training courses, no need to have a professional theory of plastic engineering)

MPA v7.1 Chinese Training

MPA v7.0 English Training materials


Moldflow Plastics Insight (MPI) V6.1-iso 1CD (Chinese version)

MoldFlow Plastics Insight (MPI) v5.0 Unix 1CD (commercial full edition, Chinese Simplified)


Moldflow Design Link (MDL) 5.3 R1 1CD (can be used to directly input CAD geometry models in Moldflow plastics
Advisers and plastics Insight)


Moldflow Caddoctor 3.0 1CD (transfer CAD solid model to Moldflow injection mold solution, optimized for analysis and
MPA, MPI optimized entity model)

moldflow.communicator.v1.0 1CD

Moldflow Dynamic Series v9.50 1CD (Plastic mold analysis software)

Moldflow Magics STL Expert 3 1CD

MoldFlow Works v1.1 R1 1CD


C-mold 2000.1 1CD (Mold flow analysis System)

Flow2000 v6.2 1CD (best polymer extrusion process analysis software)

Coretech.moldex3d.r14.win64-iso 1DVD

Coretech.moldex3d.r13.win32_64-iso 2DVD (commercial plastic injection Molding Computer Aided Engineering Analysis (CAE) software, multi-
Languages include Traditional Chinese)

Moldex Traditional Chinese Multimedia tutorial

Moldex3d Operation animation + learning material 1CD

One day learn Moldex3d software Chinese Course


Fraunhofer.scai.mpcci.v4.0.win32-iso 1DVD (Fluid-solid thermo-Solid coupling analysis software)

Fraunhofer scai Mpcci v4.4.2.1 Win64 1CD

Fluid-Solid Thermo-Solid coupling analysis software Mpcci v3.0.3 Linux64 1CD

Fluid-Solid Thermo-Solid coupling analysis software Mpcci v3.0.6 documentation 1CD

Mpcci 1.3.2 for Mpichnt 1.2.5 1CD

mpich.v3.3.2 Source Code 1CD

Mpcci Grid Partitioning Technology


MPI Fusion meshing Details 1CD

Moldflow Series Tutorials

Moldflow MPI 3.0 Training Tutorial

MoldFlow 4.0 Latest Training materials

Moldflow Company's plastic parts design principle

B14 Mold Flow Analysis Chinese course (i.e., ontology flow analysis on B14 instrument panel)

Basic Introduction to Mold flow analysis (Chinese version)


Simcore Software Products:

Simcore processing Modflow (Pmwin) v8.0.44 1CD (advanced simulation of groundwater flow and pollutant transport in groundwater

Simcore softwares processing Modflow X v10.0.7 Win64 1CD


Hydroanalysis Inc Products:

enviroinsite.v5.5.0.2 1CD (tool for visual modeling of groundwater)


Schouenberg Products:

calcmaster.v6.1 1CD (the most complex injection model calculation tool, can quickly calculate the model cost, build hours, injection molding data)


Simcon Products:

Simcon cadmould 3d-f v2.0 1CD (Plastic injection molding simulation software)


CAE of Hua Plastic:

China Plastic Injection Molding Flow Analysis System hscae3drf5.5 Smart 1CD (Enterprise Edition)

China Plastic Injection Molding Process simulation Integrated System Hscae3d 6.1 Chinese Help


Plastic Mold Design Manual (software version V1.0) 1CD


Accuform Products:

Accuform.b-sim v2.32.winnt2k 1CD (Package for analog blow molding processing)

Accuform.t-sim v4.32.winnt2k 1CD (software package for simulation of thermoplastic thermoforming processing)


Pacsys Inc. Products:

Pafec-fe.v8.8-iso 1CD (provides perfect finite element analysis design technology for junior and senior technical personnel, can be used for static,

Dynamic, nonlinear, thermodynamic, aerodynamic model creation)

Infragistics Products:

Ultra Grid V2.0 1CD


Inventium Products:

ETA. Inventium.presys.2018.r1.win64 1DVD

ETA inventium Presys (NISA) R1 Win64 2CD (finite element before and after processor)

Inventium Presys R2 Win64 1CD (finite element before and after processor)


Getsolar Products:

getsolar.professional.v10.2.1 1CD (simulation software for solar thermal systems)

Pvsyst.v6.7.0.multilingual.winall 1CD (analog analysis software for solar systems)

Tsol Expert 4.5 Build 3.2 1CD (dynamic simulation analysis of detailed planning of solar thermal systems and system components)

Solar cell Classic simulation software PC1D 5.9


Valentin software PV SOL Premium v7.5 R4 1CD (PV system design software)

Valentin software Tsol Pro 5.5 R6 1CD 1CD


Atomistix A/S Products:

atomstix.toolkit.v11.8.2 1CD (for "Virtual Nano Lab" complex material structure modeling and simulation analysis)

Atomistix.toolkit.v2008.10.linux 1CD

Atomistix.toolkit.v2008.10.1.linux.x64 1CD

atomistix.virtual.nanolab.v2008.10 1CD (Nano-component electrical simulation software)

Atomistix.virtual.nanolab.v2008.10.linux 1CD

Atomistix.virtual.nanolab.v2008.10.linux64 1CD


Ncode Products:

The Nsoft v5.3.1 1CD is a fatigue parameter testing software that transforms measured and predicted timing data into effective engineering information, from
and enable customers to quickly,

Accurately set the payload of the target)

Vector Informatik Products:

Vector.canoe.v7.1.43-iso 1CD (The global automotive industry has been widely used, has become the standard design tool for automotive bus


Thermoanalytics Products: Linux 2CD

Thermoanalytics.taitherm.12.5.1.win64.&. Linux64 2CD (one of the fastest radiant heat-exchange solvers on the market) Linux 2CD

Thermoanalytics cotherm 1.4.0 Win64 & Linux64 2CD

Thermoanalytics radtherm (IR) v11.0.3 win32_64 2CD (for thermal control design and analysis)

Thermoanalytics.radtherm.11.2.0.win64 1CD (Advanced heat transfer analysis software)

Thermoanalytics.taitherm.12.5.2.win64 1CD

Thermoanalytics.taitherm.12.4.0.win64.&. Linux64 2CD

Radtherm v7.01 Linux 1CD

Wintherm v7.1.3 1CD (Thermoanalytics is a software developed for thermal management design and analysis. The software allows any
Engineering background (heat-related or other

Users use a unique and user-friendly interface to quickly and accurately analyze their thermal design)

CD.ADAPCO Products: 1CD 1CD

Cd-adapco Speed v11.04.012 1CD

Cd-adapco speed 10.04.011 Win32 1CD (motors, generators and alternators, including drive inverters and their control
Design and analysis tools)

STAR-CD v4.24.005 Win64 & Linux64 2DVD (the latest fully decrypted version, including all add-ons are available in-app)

STAR-CD v4.18.019 Win32-iso 1DVD (the latest fully decrypted version, including all add-ons are available in-app)

Star-cd.v4.08.linux 1CD (CFD (Computational fluid Dynamics) auxiliary teaching tool, CAD interface suitable for all major CAD systems, this is
Linux version only)

STAT-CD v3.200 Linux Manual Addon 1CD (This is the manual plugin under the Linux Special Edition)

STAR-CD v3.150a Advanced Training 1CD

STAR-CD (Prostar) Basic Training Course (Chinese)

STAR-CD. Basic training course in Simplified Chinese

STAR-CD Tutor (Chinese training Manual and parts library)

STAR-CD 2004 Proceedings of the North American and EU user Conference 2CD


Siemens Star ccm+ 13.04.010-r8 (double precision) Win64 1DVD 1DVD Linux64 2DVD

STAR-CCM+.12.02.010-R8 (double precision). Win64.&. Linux64 2DVD (A new Computational Fluid dynamics (CFD)

star-ccm+ 12.02.010-R4 (Single Precision) Win64 & Linux64 2DVD

Star-ccm+.v8.06.win32_64.&. Linux32_64 3DVD (A new Computational Fluid dynamics (CFD) software)

Cd-adapco.optimate.v8.06.005.win32_64.&. Linux64 3CD (star-ccm+ expansion module for CAE/CFD analog
Design development and optimization to provide breakthrough solutions)

STAR-CAD.SERIES.V4.14.WINNT2K 1CD (interface program for connecting CAD software and CFD software)

Star-cad.series.v4.14.win64 1CD


STAR-DESIGN.V4.14.WINNT2K 1CD (Integrated CAD-cfd-Computational fluid dynamics tool developed for design engineers)

Star-design.v4.14.win64 1CD

Star-design.v4.14.linux 1CD

Star-design.v4.14.linux64 1CD 1CD (star-ccm+ plug-in) 1CD (star-ccm+ plug-in)


Star-lt.v2005.sr1-iso 1CD (Personal fluid analysis module specially developed for the construction, environment and electronics industry)


CFD LAB V2.1 win9x2kme 1CD (CFD analysis and calculation)


Ace. cebam.v02.03.03 1CD (Latest Computational Fluid dynamics (CFD) and Water Code technology) 1CD

controllab.products.20-sim.v4.0.1.7 1CD (Modeling and simulation program. With it you can do powertrain simulations, than
such as power systems, mechanical systems or hydraulic systems, or even the combination of these systems can be

Comet Design v3.20.04 winnt2k 1CD (CFD design tool with integrated CAD capabilities)

Comet Design v3.20.03 LiNUX 1CD (integrated CAD-capable CFD design tools, including solid modeler, automatic mesh, Solver
and an independent kit for the Observer,

Also available for handling applications involving complex compressible/incompressible, laminar/turbulent and industrial fluids, as well as heat transfer


Csimsoft.bolt.v2.0.0.win64 1CD (bolt design software)

Csimsoft.bolt.v1.1.0.linux.debian64 1CD

Csimsoft.bolt.v1.1.0.linux64 1CD

Csimsoft.bolt.v1.1.0.macosx 1CD

Csimsoft Trelis Pro v16.3.4 1CD 1CD 1CD 1CD 1CD

Csimsoft trelis Pro 16.4.0 Win64 1CD

Csimsoft trelis Pro 15.2.1 win32_64 & macosx & linux32_64 & Linux debian32_64 7CD 2CD (High-end FEA and CFD pre-processing commercial software) 1CD 1CD 1CD 1CD (virtual wind tunnel software)

microcfd.3d.virtual.wind.tunnel.v1.0 1CD (three-dimensional virtual wind tunnel software)

Nextlimit.realflow.2015. 1CD

Nextlimit RealFlow v2015. Windows 1CD (fluid dynamics simulation software)

Nextlimit RealFlow v2015. MacOSX 1CD

Nextlimit RealFlow v2015. Linux 1CD

Nextlimit RealFlow Standard Edition 1CD

Nextlimit RealFlow with Plug-ins Win32 1CD (for liquid simulations, such as flowing water, fountains, gushing
Mud, quicksand, tears, etc.)

Nextlimit RealFlow with Plug-ins Win64 1CD

Nextlimit RealFlow v4.3.8 Linux 1CD

Nextlimit Realflow v4.3.8 Linux64 1CD

Nextlimit Realflow.v5.0.3.mac.osx-iso 1CD

Nextlimit.realflow.v4.1.1.0091.non.stolen 1CD

Nextlimit.xflow.2016.1.0.98.win64 1CD

Next.Limit.xFlow build 96.01 Win64 & Linux64 2CD 92.win64 1CD

Nextlimit XFlow Build Linux64 1DVD

Nextlimit XFlow build Win64 & Linux64 2CD (fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software)


M.E.P.CAD, Inc. Products:

M.e.p.cad. Alarmcad.v5.0.12.win64 1CD (Fire protection software)

M.e.p.cad. autopricer.v12.0.0 1CD

M.e.p.cad autosprink Platinum v12.0.51 win32_64 2CD (Fire protection software)

M.e.p.cad. Autosprink VR11 Win32 1CD (Fire protection software) Products: 2CD (Personnel emergency evacuation simulation software)

Thunderhead Engineering Pyrosim 2018.1.0417 Win64 1CD

Thunderhead Engineering Petrasim 2017.1.0828 win32_64 2CD (simulation of heat and flow in porous media) 1CD (Fire simulation software)

Thunderhead Engineering Pyrosim v2014.4.1105 win32_64 2CD


MES Products:

AVS Openviz v2.3 1CD


MES Products:

Beta-cae Systems v18.1.2 (ANSA + Meta Post + CAD Translator) Win64 1DVD

Beta CAE Ansaμeta 15.3.0 win64.&. Linux64 2DVD

Beta. Cae. Systems.v18.1.0.win64 1DVD

Beta. Cae. Systems.v18.Tutorials 3DVD

Beta. Cae. Systems.v18.0.1.win64 1DVD

Beta-cae Systems v17.1.1 (ANSA, MetaPost, CAD Translator) Win64 1DVD

Beta-cae Systems (ANSA, MetaPost, CAD Translator) v16.2.0 Win64 1DVD

Beta-cae Systems (ANSA, MetaPost, CAD Translator) v16.0.0 win64.&. Linux64 2DVD

BETA CAE Systems v15.3.1 Win64 & Linux64 2DVD

Beta-cae Systems (ANSA, MetaPost, CAD Translator) v15.3.3 Win64 1DVD

Beta-cae Systems (ANSA, MetaPost, CAD Translator) v15.2.3 Linux64 1DVD

Beta CAE Systems v15.0.1 with tutorials Win64 2DVD


ANSA 15.0.1 Win64

MetaPost 15.0.1 Win64

CAD Tanslator 15.0.1 Win64

Beta. Cae. Systems.v15.1.0.tutorials-iso 3DVD

Beta-cae Systems v14.1.2 win32_64 2DVD

Beta-cae ANSA & metapost 14.0.0 documentation + MetaPost 14.0 External Libs 3CD

Beta-cae ANSA & meta-post v14.0.2 Win64 + Tutorials 1DVD (high-performance finite element pre-processor, it has a strong
Large finite element mesh pre-processing function, supporting structure and fluid grids)

BETA CAE ANSA Documentation 1CD

Beta-cae metapost v6.8.2 win32_64 1CD (Vehicle analysis simulation software)

BETA CAE META POST documentation 1CD

Beta-caeμeta postprocessor v6.8.2 win32_64 1CD


Cimmetry Products:

Autovue Solidmodel Professional v18.0 c4+c6 1CD

Cimmetry Panoramic v5.1 1CD


SHARC Products:

Sharc Harpoon v4.4e Win32 1CD

Sharc Harpoon v4.4e Win64 1CD

Sharc Harpoon v3.1 Linux32 1CD

Sharc.harpoon.v4.2a.linux64 1CD

Sharc.harpoon.v4.2a.macosx 1CD

Sharc.harpoon.v4.2a.itanium2 1CD

Sharc.harpoon.v4.1a.solars64 1CD

Sharc.harpoon.v4.1a.hpux 1CD


CEI Products:

Cei. Macosx.&. Linux32_64 4DVD

Cei. Ensight. GOLD.V10.2.3C 1DVD

CEI ensight Gold 10.2.3c MacOS 1DVD

CEI ensight HPC v10.2.3c Linux x64 1DVD

Cei. Ensight. Gold.v10.2.1c.linux.debian.x64 1CD

Cei. Ensight. Gold.v10.2.3c.redhat.linux.x64 1CD

Cei. Macosx64.&. Linux64 6DVD

CEI ensight 10.2.0 (c) win32_64 & linux32_64 & MacOSX 5DVD

Cei. 5DVD

Cei. 4DVD

CEI ensight 10.1 6c GOLD Windows & macosx32_64 & Linux 4DVD

CEI ensight v10.1.6 (b) Windows & linux32_64 & MacOSX64 4DVD

Cei. Macosx64.&. Linux32_64 4DVD

Cei. Ensight.v10.1.4b Win32_64.&. Macosx.&. Linux32_64 4DVD

Cei. 1DVD (suitable for a variety of engineering and science, such as CFD, FEA, collision, fluid motion
The post-processing software of the force and SPH, visualizing the results of the calculation)

Cei. 1CD

Cei. 1CD

Cei. 1CD

Cei. 1CD

Cei. 1CD

Cei. 1CD

CEI Harpoon V1.3-iso 1CD


ARTAS. Sam.v6.1.build46.portable 1CD (2D Mechanical Simulation analysis)

Caefem v9.3 1CD (finite element analysis software)

CAE PowerTools Fevis Publisher v1.1.0.13 1CD (finite element analysis tool, you can easily put the results of the analysis and GU
Discussions with colleagues)

Engineering equation Solver (EES) Pro v9.478 1CD (engineering equation solver)

Engineering equation Solver (EES) Pro v9.478-3d 1CD

Feacrack v3.0.18 1CD (structural three-dimensional finite element fracture analysis)

flo++ 3.02 1CD

PDE Solutions Flexpde v7.07 1CD

flexpde.professional.3d.v5.0.15 1CD (partial differential three-dimensional finite element calculation software, FLEXPDE can obtain the number of partial differential equations
Value solutions, partial differential equations

Commonly used in engineering: Physics, Electrical, electronics, communications, civil engineering, mechanics, chemical Engineering, chemistry, biology

Geology, mathematics and other fields of science, flexpde using finite element method to obtain numerical solution)

Flexpde.professional.3d.v5.0.8.linux 1CD

Rotorinsa.v3.4.2.bilingual.winall 1CD (finite element software for dynamic simulation of the deflection of the rotating body)

Plancal.nova.v6.2-iso 1CD

Quint optishape-ts v2010 R1 1CD

Simulog.tetmesh-ghs3d.v3.1.winnt 1CD


ACD Products:

Acd. systems.canvas.v14.0.1618 1CD (a top-of-the-art vector drawing software, the program seamlessly integrates
and web-design tools)


C.D.S Products:

varitrane.duct.designer.v3.05 1CD (Powerful water pipeline analysis, optimization and design software)


Vitualgrid Products: 1CD (three-dimensional point cloud processing, grid editing environment)


OPTIMUMG Products:

Optimumkinematics v2.0.2 1CD (suspension design for fast simulation of motion characteristics)


ETA Products:


ETA. Vpg.v3.3.win64 1CD

ETA. VPG v3.0 English User manual

ETA. VPG v3.0 English Course

ETA. Vpg.user User Manual (English version)

ETA VGP3.0 Side Impact analysis training and Case files

ETA VPG3.0 Pre-and post-processing training manuals and case files

ETA VPG3.0 Pre-crash Analysis training manual and case file


ETA Dynaform v5.9.3 Win64 1CD

ETA Dynaform v5.9 Win32 1CD (Chinese, English, sheet metal forming simulation and die design software)

ETA Dynaform v5.7.1.8 Perfect cracked version-iso 1CD (Chinese and English version)

UG interface for ETA Dynaform software

ETA DynaForm v5.2 (die-surface engineering DfE) Chinese training manual

ETA DynaForm v5.2 English User manual

ETA DynaForm v5.2 (mold surface Engineering DfE) practice model

ETA Dynaform Chinese User Guide

ETA Dynaform Chinese Course

ETA Dynaform English version, training manual and user manual

DynaForm 5.2 BSE Training manual and case file

DynaForm 5.2 DFE Training manual and case file

DynaForm 5.2 Pre-and post-processing training manuals and case files

DynaForm 5.2 (Simulation engineering FS) Chinese training manual and practice model

tutorial on CAE analysis of sheet metal forming


Autoform^plus.r7.win64.&. Linux64 1DVD (fully cracked version, professional sheet metal optimization analysis software)

AutoForm Plus.r7.0.4.update.only.win64.&. Linux64 2CD Linux64 2CD

Autoform,plus.r7.0.2.update.only.win64.&. Linux64 2CD Linux64 2CD Linux64-iso 1DVD

AutoForm Plus R6.0.1.4 Update only win64/linux64 2CD Linux64 2CD

AutoForm Plus R5.2.4 HotFix Win64 & Linux64 2CD & Linux64-iso 1DVD (fully cracked version, professional sheet metal optimization analysis software)

AutoForm Plus R3.1 v4.6 linux32_64 1DVD

AutoForm v3.11 +exceed7.1&3d 7.1+interix R2.2.5 1CD

Forming analysis of AutoForm sheet metal stamping from getting started to mastering

AutoForm Chinese User manual

AutoForm User Manual


ETA. Cad. translator.v1.200704.winnt_2k 1CD (CAD translation tool designed for ETA VPG. Supported format: Catia 4/5

Pro/engineer,unigraphics,step, the ETA VPG v3.2) must be installed first

ETA femb PC v28.0 for WiNDOWS 1CD (a universal finite element that can be used for most solver CAD software

Software, has become an industry-standard CAE application software)

ETA strangebrew v1.8 Winall 1CD (is a brewing-related software that provides a variety of food brewing information to support feed management

database, data measurement, cost management, carbonation process management, dilution calculation)

Thermo-calc Software Products:

Thermo-calc 2003p for WiN32 1CD (thermodynamic calculation, Alloy system diffusion control calculation)


Trane Products:

trane.trace.700.v4.10 1CD (building simulation software, including heating and ventilation systems (HVAC), to facilitate the user's
Evaluation of value) 1CD

CTI ToolKit Software 3.0 1CD

Daikin psychrometrics Diagram 3.20 1CD


Ilight Products:

Ilight.fieldview.v12.0.win32-iso 1CD (CFD universal post processing)

ILight.FieldView.v12. 0.unix-iso 1CD

Ilight.Fieldview.v12.AiX 1CD

Ilight.Fieldview.v12.Hpux 1CD

Ilight.Fieldview.v12.Irix 1CD

Ilight.Fieldview.v12.Itanium 1CD

Ilight.Fieldview.v12.Linux 1CD

Ilight.Fieldview.v12.Linux64 1CD

Ilight.Fieldview.v12.Solaris 1CD

Fieldview v8.0 Instructions for use


Fuel Tech Products:

Acuitiv v3.3 1CD (developed by Fuel Tech, Inc., for CFD (computational Fluid Dynamics Computational Fluid dynamics
) after the

and visualization software, in a wide range of areas such as automotive, aerospace, energy, defense, chemical and pharmaceutical
Application of work)

Vensim.v6.0b.portable 1CD (System dynamics simulation software)


BLUE RIDGE Numerics Products:

Cfdesign v2011 Win32 1CD (Computational fluid dynamics software that can be imported from mechanical CAD software to build a 3D model without having to model again)

Cfdesign v10.0 Win64 1CD

Cfdesign v8.0 Chinese Course

Cfdesign v7.0 Addon 1CD

Cfdesign Training Tutorials


C&r Technologies Products:

Thermal Desktop v4.7 1CD (Electronic product thermal capacity modeling CAD design software)

sinda-fluint.v4.6 1CD (heat transfer and liquid flow design, analysis software. Sinda/fluint is a wide range of finite difference, set
General Staff number of tools.

It can be used for thermal conversion design analysis and liquid flow design in complex systems. It is widely used in aviation
Aerospace, Electronics,

Biopharmaceutical and automotive industry, etc.)

Crtech sinapsplus v4.8 1CD (pre-and post-processing software for Sinda/fluint)

crtech.thermal.desktop.for.autocad.v5.2.4 1CD (Electronic product thermal capacity modeling CAD design software)

ASM Material Handbooks Full 21-volume 1DVD (Material Science classic masterpiece)


Micro Products: 1CD (Professional process simulation and simulation software, can be a good visualization of the process and simulation)


B&K Products:

b&k CONNECT Win64 1DVD

B&k.pulse. 1DVD

Brüel & kj?r Pulse 21.0 win32_64 1DVD

Brüel & kj?r Pulse 20.0 win32_64-iso 1DVD (vibration analysis software)

B&k PULSE v19.0-iso 1DVD (vibration analysis software)

Dirac v3.1 1CD (software for measuring multi-room acoustic parameters)

Catt-acoustic V8.0b-iso 1CD (Indoor sound field simulation software) 1CD (state-of-the-art and advanced indoor acoustics simulation and localization design tools)


Autodesk EAGLE Premium 9.1.1 Win64 1CD

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