AWS China Partner Program website release

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October 13, 2014

As more and more customers of different sizes and industries use AWS cloud computing services, customers are demanding not only the reliability, resiliency, service richness and experience of the service provider, but also a strong ecosystem of partners to meet customers ' many requirements. Such ecosystems should enable customers to obtain high-value software solutions, build enterprise applications, develop tools, and professional consulting services to better enable customers to deploy and manage critical business on the AWS Cloud Platform. The AWS Partner Program (AWS PartnerNetwork, APN) is a cloud service partner ecosystem that provides technical, business, and marketing support to a wide range of partners. The APN program currently has more than 10,000 technology and consulting partners worldwide.

Today, we have launched the AWS China Partner Program website. This is a website specifically designed to be the AWS China Partner Program. Through this site, partners can apply to be members of the AWS China Partner program to gain access to a range of training, business, and marketing support specifically for China's regional partners. Partners can also learn about AWS's training and certification resources to help partners better understand AWS Services and the content of the APN program. This site is also the entry point for APN members to the APN Portal (partner portal). With APN Portal, you can manage a range of APN membership information related to AWS, including all activities, potential opportunities, and transactions.

On the AWS official website, click the Partner link to start the application process. The AWS China Partner Program is part of the global APN program, set up specifically to meet the needs of the Chinese market. To successfully apply to become an AWS China partner, you need a standard or Premium Member (Advance) that is already an APN, and the requesting partner also needs a local legal entity legally registered in China to meet the relevant policy and legal requirements, AWS encourages partners to develop business plans for the Chinese market for more local support. Once the system receives the application, the qualified applicant will be notified by a dedicated partner business manager.

After signing in to APN Portal with your APN partner account and clicking on the View my APN account option on the right side of the page, in your program Details, click on "Update" AWS China partner to start the appropriate application process.

After successfully applying to become an AWS China partner, you will not only be able to enjoy all content within the APN Global program, but also enjoy the support content provided by AWS China, including local training, a limited amount of free AWS services, support for joint marketing campaigns, Authorized to use AWS China partner logos and signage, be invited to participate in AWS China regional partner events, etc.

Partners have been one of the key pillars of AWS ' continued development. Before we announced the China region in December 2013, many partners have joined the global APN program, providing a wide range of services to AWS customers worldwide. Existing APN China Enterprise members include Neusoft, Shenzhen Yun Fruit, Yyuntie, CICA, Visualops, Guangdong Vitelic, Bamboocloud Science and technology, Hui Ke Education, Iying, digital China and so on.

Shenzhen Cloud Fruit is a member of AWS APN, providing consulting, system integration, and operations support to AWS customers. Since 2011, Shenzhen Yun-Guo has successfully helped hundreds of Chinese enterprise customers build applications based on the AWS Cloud platform, effectively saving customers ' total it cost and service uptime.

Visualops is also a member of the APN program in China, providing a visual cloud service management solution to help customers design, deploy and manage applications and various cloud computing resources in the cloud. Through its unique WYSIWYG approach, Visualops has helped more than 6,000 AWS customers effectively manage systems running on AWS, with customers across multiple countries, not only corporate users like Netflix, NEC, There are also many third-party consulting outsourcing and system integration services companies that use Visualops to help their customers.

We are waiting for you to join us!

AWS China Team

October 13, 2014

AWS China Partner Program website release

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