AWS launches multi-level AWS Support Services to China Limited preview customers

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September 26, 2014

While AWS's limited preview service in China (Beijing) region was being launched, many customers demanded AWS Support. When AWS customers deploy systems to the cloud, daily operation and maintenance, and key project implementation, they need to quickly respond, customize on demand, and provide professional and trusted cloud technical support services at different levels. To better serve customers who participate in the limited preview service, we today announced the launch of multiple levels of AWS Chinese technical support services, namely at the developer level, commercial level, and enterprise level.

AWS Support is a professional customer service team that quickly responds to customer needs and is equipped with experienced technical support engineers, provide customers with global coverage, full time zone, 24x7 x, all-day service throughout the year. AWS Support can help customers of all sizes and technical capabilities better use various cloud services provided by Amazon AWS. Like AWS cloud services, customers do not need to sign long-term contracts to use the AWS Support Service and pay according to their actual usage time. Customers can purchase and stop AWS Support at any time. All levels of AWS Support provide unlimited Case Support for Amazon AWS customers.

AWS Chinese technology for AWS China Limited preview Service provides three levels of developers, commercial use, and enterprise, allowing developers and customers to flexibly choose a level of support that meets their needs. At the same time, all customers with limited preview services can use basic support services for free, including accessing technical support forums, customer services, and support documents. In addition, with the increase in AWS costs for commercial and enterprise-level support, you can enjoy bulk discounts on AWS Support costs.

Service Level



Commercial use



Free for all users

$299 per month

Starting from ¥599 per month

Starting from ¥100000 per month

AWS Support Chinese price table

Technical support at the developer level will be provided by AWS Support Engineers by email, and the response time will be within 12 hours. Scope of support, including guidance on the use of all AWS products, functions and services, as well as best practices and general architecture recommendations. The developer-level technical support service price is RMB 299 per month.

After the customer uses a commercial technical support solution, AWS Support Engineers will provide 7 × 24 hours of telephone, online chat, and email support. The response time can be within one hour. In addition to developer-level service content, support APIs and infrastructure event management are also provided. The commercial technical support service is priced at 599 RMB per month.

Enterprise-level technical support, in addition to commercial services, will also provide application-level architecture support services, and the response time is within 15 minutes. In addition to 7 × 24 hours of telephone, online chat, and email support, the enterprise-level technical support service also provides TAM (technical account manager ), specialized technical support experts customize solutions based on your needs to help you fully discover and solve problems in the use of AWS cloud services. Enterprise-level technical support services are priced at 100,000 RMB per month.

Awssupport has provided professional support services to a large number of start-up enterprises and large enterprise customers around the world, ensuring the customer's project implementation process. The following are typical AWS Support customers, including many Chinese customers, such as Xiaomi, tiens, Cheetah mobile, and vision energy.

Founded in 2010, Xiaomi is an innovative technology company in China that focuses on high-end smartphones, Internet TVs, and mobile Internet services. After the rapid development in the Chinese market, Xiaomi mobile phone fully leverages the professional support of AWS Support in its expansion to the international market. AWS cloud service engineers help customers design the optimal network deployment and implementation solutions for each overseas flash purchase of Xiaomi mobile phones, help the customer solve possible technical problems at the customer's site at any time, and ensure the normal implementation of Flash purchases.

Tiens group's business includes biotechnology, health care, finance and tourism, providing products and services to more than 30 million families worldwide. By using AWS cloud services, tiens reduces the total cost of IT systems by 50% and facilitates information sharing between tiens offices in 110 countries and regions. With the support of AWS technical support engineers, the implementation of important internal high-traffic projects of multiple enterprises, including tiens's "Beyond plan", has been ensured.

Vision energy is a world-leading provider of smart energy technology solutions, including R & D and sales of smart fans and related energy solutions. In addition to serving the Chinese market, the vision has gradually completed the global strategic layout in ohuss, Houston, and Osaka, Denmark. As we expand overseas markets, our vision has long purchased the AWS Support Service, which greatly improves project implementation speed and efficiency through AWS Support throughout the lifecycle of key project implementation.

For more information about AWS Chinese technical support, click the link below:

AWS launches multi-level AWS Support Services to China Limited preview customers

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