Azure BLOB Storage T-level hbase table recovery

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To reduce the pressure on hbase clusters and improve performance, we move data from the HBase library to another store, which records the process of data recovery when I need to calculate data


    • Azure Storage Explorer Tools
    • Data replication
    • Metadata Repair
    • Test validation

Azure Storage Explorer Tools

    • Free tools:
    • After you install locally, connect to azure storage, such as:
    • Description
      1. Replication performance is better when the source and destination stores belong to the same region, and note that I'm using a low-storage explorer where there is no progress bar at copy
      2. In the target hbase cluster, the repair command automatically creates a table when the complete directory is copied past, using hbase hbck to repair the command if the table does not exist in the target cluster

Data replication

    • Description: The full directory copy, using the tool to copy, paste, copy of the performance can also
    • The bms:16:30-16:40 takes 10 minutes and the data size is as follows:
    • Power:17:10-17:47 takes 37 minutes, data volume size:
    • Folder Rename: The tool will create a new folder, copy the contents of the source file to the new folder, and then delete the source folder, the amount of data, the more laborious

Metadata Repair

    • After the data is copied, enter the HBase installation directory for metadata repair, quick fix command:hbase hbck-repair-ignoreprecheckpermission
    • After successful repair, such as:

Test validation

    • Enter HBase shell Command mode
    • Command: List (for example, Description table fix OK)
    • Command: Scan ' Terminaldata ', {limit=>1} (for example, read and write OK)

Azure BLOB Storage T-level hbase table recovery

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